Leopard 2 heavy tanks

Leopard 2 heavy tanks

For weeks, Ukraine has been asking for the delivery of Western armored vehicles to counter a possible Russian attack this summer. Germany, reluctantly at first, gave the green light this Wednesday, January 25 allow countries that wish – Poland and Finland in particular – to supply 2 German-made Leopard tanks to Kyiv; the country will also provide 14 tanks. Currently, Kyiv has only heavy tanks of Soviet design. Western weapons can help the Ukrainians break through Russian lines and perhaps get out of a long and difficult war.

• Leopard 2, the flagship of Germany

This tank is designed and manufactured by the German company Krauss-Maffei. It has been mass-produced since the end of the 1970s. The sixty-ton battle tank is equipped with a 120 mm caliber linear cannon and can be fired while moving. Thanks to its power of 1,500 horses, it can reach 70 km / h. Its freedom is 450 km. It carries a crew of four.

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Kauss-Maffei says he has “essential protection only”, effective against mines and rocket launchers. Plus: allows you to fight while moving.

• Leclerc, a French tank

For French Leclerc tanks, “nothing is excluded”said Emmanuel Macron.

Leclerc is built by Nexter, formerly GIAT Industrie.

This tank is armed with a 120 mm linear cannon. Its weight is 56 tons. With a power of 1,500 horses, it reaches 71 km / h. Its freedom is 550 km.

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It carries a crew of three.

Leclerc has a thermal shielding signature that allows it to reduce its infrared signature.

More advantages: it is the only armored vehicle capable of firing at a fixed target at a distance of 4 km while rolling.

• Abrams, American model

The US also plans to provide tanks. Developed by General Dynamics, formerly Chrysler Defense, the Abrams M1 entered service in 1981.

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The M1 model weighs 54.5 tons. Its power of 1,501 horses allows it to reach 72 km / h on the road and its autonomy is 498 km.

Abrams M1A1 and M1A2 are armed with 120 mm smoothbore guns. It carries a crew of four.