Less than two years later, “Falstaff”, the most recent masterpiece of Giuseppe Verdi, returns to the stage of the Teatro del Maggio.

Less than two years later, “Falstaff”, the most recent masterpiece of Giuseppe Verdi, returns to the stage of the Teatro del Maggio.

Less than two years later, “Falstaff”, Giuseppe Verdi’s masterpiece, returns to the stage of the Teatro del Maggio. On the stage of the Sala Grande, Friday 16 June at 7 pm the great conductor Daniele Gatti; The direction of the show is Sven-Eric Bechtolf taken by Stefania Grazioli.

In the main part Michael Volle as Sir John Falstaff; Irina Lungu as Alice Ford; Adriana Di Paola as Mrs. Quick; Claudia Huckle is Mrs. Meg Page with Markus Werba playing Ford.

The show on 19 June 2023 will be broadcast live on Rai Radio 3

Thanks to the CR Firenze Foundation, the performance on 06/23/2023 is offered to the public with a 50% discount on tickets for each sector.

The third and final intonation appointment at Maggio in the hall of the 85th Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Festival: less than two years after the November 2021 show, he returns to the scene. A large room, June 16 at 7 pmone of the most loved works of Giuseppe Verdi’s repertoire ie Falstaffthe last hymn of Cigno di Busseto.

On the podium, in the head ofMaggio Orchestra and Choir director general Daniel Gatti; the platform is that of 2021, led by Sven-Eric Bechtolf taken from Stephanie Grazioli.

On the stage almost entirely new cast compared to the last version: the part of the main character, the knight Sir John Falstaff, is played by Michael Vollewhich returns in May after a concert, recorded, held in November 2020 directed by Zubin Mehta; Irina Lunguin his very first play on the Maggio stage, he plays Alice Ford, one of the two wives whom the protagonist of the pot will try, with little success, to seduce at the same time; Adriana DiPaolasoon the protagonist of Rake Developmentshown in March last year, is played by Mrs. Quickly while Ms. Meg Page, another rumor that Falstaff will try to defeat, is played by Claudia Huckle; Markus Werbarecently among the main characters in the Don Giovannithe opening work of the May 85 Festival, playing Ford, Alice’s husband; Rosalia Cidrecently trained at the Accademia del Maggio is Nannetta, daughter of Alice and Ford and in love with young Fenton, played by Matthew Swensenalso returning after the performances of Rake Development.

Pistola and Bardolph, servants of Sir John Falstaff, are played respectively Tigran Martirossian And Oronzo d’Ursothe talent of the Accademia del Maggio.

He closes the vocal group, like Dr. Cajus, Christian Colliaanother of the main characters of Rake Development of last March.

Events are from Julian Crouchclothing of Kevin Pollard while lighting and video are maintained respectively and Alex Brock (shot from Valerio Tiberius) and Josh Higgason.

Maestro del Coro del Maggio is there Lorenzo Fratini.

Three more shows are planned: 19 and 21 June at 8pm and 23 June at 6pm

Fabio Bardelli