Let’s face it: MINI makes the best rims on the market right now

Let’s face it: MINI makes the best rims on the market right now

Could it be? Yes – but you have to break into the accounting department. MINI has not forgotten about an important feature, which is the design of the rims. The example perfectly showed “Corona spoke“, which unfortunately hit the market with the electric MINI in early 2020. Of course, this coincided with the “world premiere” of a great virus that has slightly damaged the quality of our lives.

Its meaning Corona Spoke became “Power Spoke”. I thought then that the MINI would not be tempted to do something equally impressive. And well, I was wrong. Here is a better example.

MINI showed three new fashion lines

They have very simple names: Resolute, Untold, Untamed. Each of them is filled with descriptions of different characteristics and characteristics. What type?

For example the third and fifth door MINI variant (including convertible) under Resolute range (will be available only for these versions of the body) is given a varnish Rebel Green with the White Pepper roof. More powerful versions also get Bronze Resolute inserts.

A club memberin the Untold version, it is characterized by Sage Green varnishdifferent from adding darkness and bronze. The same colors can be found inside – the Sage Green upholstery also “competes” with the brass accessories here.

Uncontrolled version, available locally Citizenand Momentum Gray color, complemented by bluestone Frozen details. The cabin has green leather upholstery (!) and inserts in Frozen Blue and Arctic Silver.

So it’s safe to say that it’s probably one of the few brands that now offers that choice of exterior and interior color. This is unheard of these days. So the Germans (and the British) get a huge advantage.

The most important thing here, however, are the rims

What is going on here! The Resolute Edition comes with Tentacle, Pulse and Electric (formerly Power Wheels) systems. They are as follows.

The wheel models of the Untold variant of the Clubman are quite a hit. The black and bronze wheels look amazing and look original.

The Untamed version also pleases the eye with its design – although here it is smoother and more conventional.

I’m so glad there are still brands that don’t cut corners. I have the impression that many manufacturers, even those who consider themselves “fashionable”, choose simple and easy solutions in terms of design. And this does not always mean a positive direction of development. MINI maintains its characteristic image and at the same time is not afraid to emphasize with unusual details. Kudos to that!