Let’s say goodbye to bridges and closed ecosystems. Matter 1.0 is officially certified by 190 smart home devices

During today’s conference, CSA (Connection Standards Consortium) celebrated the launch of the first products compatible with Matter 1.0, as well as updates that will affect the smart home devices in our homes. This is a very important step on the way to fully integrate the solution using the potential of a good house.

The idea behind Matter 1.0 is “good”. What is at stake is consistent standardization, which will ensure that devices from one manufacturer will not require additional hierarchies and will not be locked in “interoperability” with products from other vendors or ecosystems. Amazon devices will be compatible with Nanoleaf, Philips and Aquara solutions. This method will bring us closer to a beautiful and comfortable home. At today’s event in Amsterdam, many companies announced their new products. Here’s what to expect for home automation fans.

Factor 1.0, that is, planning the best home level for the benefit of consumers

Thing 1.0 will install smart home products, such as lighting, heating, climate, security, cameras, doors and motion sensors. This is only part of the equipment that will be connected to the standard. Among the companies that have established a partnership with the Consolidation Standards Association we will find Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Google or Aquara. Since there are many users of the giant Cupertino platforms among our readers, I would like to add that Matter support will also be supported here. The relevant tips are already included in the iOS 16.1 update.


An open source protocol aimed at unifying the industry was launched in 2018, under the name Project Connected Home over IP. Today 280 companies are involved in the solution. We are not only talking about strong technological companies, but also about furniture manufacturers, such as IKEA.


At today’s event, Amazon announced the standard Hello will be implemented in 17 Echo series devices, Aquara has promised to support its existing and future products. Nanoleaf and Philips showed off their new Matter 1.0 compatible light bulbs. However, this is just the beginning. The aforementioned protocol is the best that could happen to the IoT industry, i.e. Internet of Things. Although there is a group of producers who oppose the merger, I am sure that they will join the game sooner or later.

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