Lewis Hamilton’s amazing private car is a Ferrari

Lewis Hamilton’s amazing private car is a Ferrari

Although Lewis Hamilton lost to Formula 1 champion last year, this year it looks like Carlo Sainz will face champion Max Verstappen. Mercedes Hamilton teammate George Russell himself has three places above him, but dude, we haven’t finished even half a season.

Lewis Hamilton’s Favorite Sports Car

Culture in System 1 is tough, as you can see in the reality of Netflix drive live, and the future of the seven-time world champion at Mercedes has not been made clear. There are currently rumors that Hamilton could move to another team in 2023. Ferrari emerged as a major contender for the title in 2022 after many years of misconduct, which could increase the likelihood of a transfer from Hamilton to the Italian squad.

The British driver knows how the Ferrari operates, as he owns a very rare Ferrari LaFerrari. This sports car, which only 499 other models have been built, in Rosso Fuoco is worth $ 1.2 million and has its name and logo on the door thresholds. By the way, he also owns LaFerrari Aperta in Satin White.

When Lewis ordered his two LaFerraris in 2016, it received media attention. Because when the surface of a Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 branch buys one (or even two) from a competitor, that raises questions. However, Hamilton has always been open about the fact that he was a Ferrari fan as a child.

British F1 Driver Car Collection

The 37-year-old owns a car collection worth several million. The most expensive car he owns is the 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra, which must be valued at approximately $ 5 million. He also has a Mercedes-Maybach S 600, Cadillac Escalade and McLaren P1. Earlier this year, his Pagani Zonda 760 LH was sold for € 10 million, according to the Italian newspaper Quattroruote. Ka-ching!