Lexus, a new part with the RZ in the world of Black Panther

Lexus, a new part with the RZ in the world of Black Panther

There will also be a Lexus among the main characters of “Black Panther: Wakanda forever”, the new Marvel Studios film to be released in Italy at the beginning of November. For the occasion, a Japanese company and an American film company have collaborated to create an unreleased film business offered for the first fully electric SUV by Lexus, the RZ 450e. Awaiting the debut of the Nagoya brand’s new zero-emission model in the service of the kingdom of Wakanda.

The new Lexus RX, the queen of silence in the test

Lexus, go back to Wakanda

The commercial, directed by director Anthony Leonardi III, sees General Okoye, played by actress Danai Gurira, while racing an electric Lexus RZ.. Following some incidents in the urban area and in the underground parking, members of the Dora Milaje royal guard accompanying Okoye manage to drive off their pursuers., thus being able to continue the journey on the RX 450e. Spot head? “The future of electricity”.

But this it’s not the first time Lexus models have landed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: in the first film of the saga, “Black Panther” of 2018 there was LC 500 among the cars shown in the film. During the release event of the 2021 movie Eternals, Nagoya House had presented 10 brand new posts inspired by the most superheroes of the wonderful world. An appointment in the cinema to see “Wakanda forever” and the new RZ 450e is set, for Italian cinemas, on November 9.

The RZ is the first electric SUV produced by Lexus. It is built on the e-TNGA platform, designed specifically for battery vehicles, equipped two electric units for a total of 313 horsepower and 435 Nm of the couple. Performance? To accelerate from 0 to 100 per hour, 5.6 seconds are enough, while the top speed is limited to 160 per hour to reduce consumption. Among the innovative technological solutions adopted on this model, the possibility to choose a joystick steering wheel (like the one seen in commercials) connected to a steering-by-wire system which allows you to point by turning only 150 ° while always keeping your hands at the 9:15 position.