Lexus and The&Partnership select the first edition of the phone for Stefano De Martino as Brand Ambassador.

Lexus and The&Partnership select the first edition of the phone for Stefano De Martino as Brand Ambassador.

Lexus, the historic sponsor of the Venice Film Festival, announces the results of the first activity of the new Brand Ambassador Stefano de Martino at the 79th edition of the event at the Lagoon, where the dancer and TV presenter presented the New Lexus RX and surprised the public. and an unpublished “completely mobile” story. The disclosure activity, which continued for several weeks, showed the effectiveness of the strategy of Lexus which, to tell the new partnership in an original, direct and interesting way, chose to turn to the grammar of social channels, to produce and after producing real- content of time with a cinematic flavor using only a smartphone, to emphasize its fluid, fast and real level.

What involved De Martino in Venice was the telling of the story in the perfect style of a detective story: an anonymous letter delivered to the Ambassador’s home, the participation of his community in solving the mystery, the publication of clues in some of the photos of Lexus’ Instagram channel, a masked man on the streets of Venice and, finally, the revelation that ended with the meeting between Stefano and the New Lexus RX. All were shot directly.

The challenges of this experiment were many: on the one hand, to increase the understanding between the Lexus brand and its audience, through the choice of a famous testimonial but at the same time very close to its audience because of its enthusiastic, helpful and inquisitive personality. . On the other hand, creating a connection through content with an informal and more intimate plan, maintaining a reliable balance between what is emerging and what is “marketing”.

The chosen social storytelling – limited content and well organized – saw Stefano de Martino interacting with his community, creating curiosity and buzz about his presence in Venice even before the release of the official press release. For positive results say summary reel of activity, which organically reached almost 500k views.

A few weeks after the implementation of the campaign, the results confirmed the effectiveness of the strategy and the choice of brand ambassador. The program reached more than 10 million people with 3 million video views, almost 80,000 interactions and more than 290 mentions in newspapers and on the web about Stefano De Martino’s presence in Venice.

“Lexus continues to grow, as does our desire to narrate and inspire and unique experiences that enhance our human-centered philosophy. The T&P team accompanies us on this journey by working on clean, fast and engaging communications”. Maurizio Perinetti, Director of Lexus Italy.

“The success of Branded Content like this comes from combining the ability of the Brand to maintain its values ​​and the courage to escape from its description area. In this way, together with ambassadors, we create truly entertaining content for our audience”, Fabrizio Caperna, Director of The&Partnership Innovation.

To do all this, T&P has delivered an integrated team of new and traditional skills, in collaboration with the Wavemaker Content team:

Creative Direction: Fabrizio Caperna
Art direction: Giambattista Menna
Copywriting: Roberto Ottolino
Accounting and coordination (Cinzia Gallenzi),
Influencer marketing (Valentina Bilgini and Giulia Pinto)
Content strategy (Antonella Peschechera)
Content manager: Rossella Fumarola, Matteo Colibazzi
Content Designer: Alessandra Vignaroli
Mobile content creation (Gio Russo Production)

Here is a link to the reel summary: