Lexus ES 300h Prestige – test.  In such a car, saving is a pleasure

Lexus ES 300h Prestige – test. In such a car, saving is a pleasure

Not long ago I had the opportunity to test the Lexus ES 300h and I complained a little about its performance (read the test). They are enough, but in this segment one would like more, because the time of 8.9 s from 0 to 100 km / h does not give much impression to anyone. On the other hand, it is a great representative car that pampers with a level of comfort and content with a surprisingly small amount of gasoline.

Lexus ES 300h – the best car for the problem?

During efficient driving in Warsaw, i.e. in heavy city traffic, fuel consumption did not exceed 6.5 l / 100 km, and it turned out that in good conditions it dropped to 6.1 l. Not much, right? Let me remind you that we are not talking about a city car, but about a limousine less than 5 meters long, the curb weight of which, fully equipped, is about 1.7 tons.

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Calm driving outside the city (voivodeship road) meant that the on-board computer showed only 5.5 l / 100 km. Getting on the road also did not cause a hurricane in the tank, then the consumption was 7.0-7.5 l per “hundred”. These are the possibilities of a standard hybrid of 218 horses – with a large 2.5-liter gasoline engine, which is supplied by an electric unit that uses a lot of energy obtained during braking.

Moreover, Lexus ES 300h encourages you to travel calmly, it does not provoke madness at any time. With this driving style, it is very quiet in the damp cabin, despite the continuously variable e-CVT transmission, the suspension happily takes bumps in the road, and the Mark Levinson sound system produces a high volume.

Lexus ES 300h – how much does it cost?

For this car, I deliberately exaggerated a little due to the crisis, because the Lexus ES, of course, is not a cheap car. To enjoy affordable driving, you need to invest a lot of money or prepare for high monthly payments.

The basic version of the Business Edition costs from 255 thousand. PLN (PLN 2899 net per month), and the price of a tested Prestige copy is at least PLN 307 thousand. (PLN 3256 net of installments). If it’s too expensive, you can choose a low-profile, but affordable Toyota Camry, which has the same hybrid system, and costs from more than 160,000. zlotys.

Lexus ES 300h Prestige – specifications

Cars Benz. 2.5 l R4 + electric
Maximum hybrid power 218 hp
Gearbox / car stepless e-CVT / front wheels
Acceleration 0-100 km / h 8.9 seconds
Maximum speed 180 km / h
Average fuel consumption 5.2 l / 100 km (depending on the manufacturer)
Height / width / height / wheel 4975/1865/1445/2870 mm
Cargo compartment capacity 454 l
Fuel tank capacity 50 l
Reduce weight / load 1680 kg / 470 kg
Mechanical warranty 3 years or 100,000 km
Price PLN 307,000