Lexus: experience unique moments, just like in the movies

Lexus: experience unique moments, just like in the movies

But the beautiful processions with Lexus cars on the Roman road also involved many other famous artists and famous people who were invited to the Festival such as James Ivorywho received the Lifetime Achievement Award, Marco Giallini, Edoardo Leo, Miriam Leone, Isabella Ferrari, Riccardo Scamarcio, and many others.

The Lexus RX is also featured, the brand’s latest electrified gem, available in Hybrid Turbo and Plug-in Hybrid versions. Completely redesigned, the large luxury SUV of the Japanese brand not only has the best technology in the automotive industry, but also offers the highest levels of performance, ensuring quality and excellence in detail, always putting a person at the center of everything.

Like the cinematographic work, the Lexus RX aims to surprise with its original content: from the new elegant and flexible design, to the open and spacious interior spaces, to the new generation multimedia system with a 14-inch touch screen. Even to miss Lexus Driving Signature which gives the driver confidence, comfort and control at all times through a constant feeling of connection with the car.

A car that aims for excellence and celebrates the talent that has been showcased in cinema. This year, in fact, for the first time, the Roman Festival was officially established international competition – Progressive Cinema – Vision of the world of tomorrow – with the contribution of Fiapf (International Federation of Film Production Associations), where a jury made up of experts in the fields of cinema, culture and art, evaluated the most promising films that were able to apply for multiple awards.

Moreover, in the frame of the Rome Film Festival, for the second year in a row, they also took to the stage Red armchairsa crowdfunding initiative developed with UNITA (National Union of Theatrical and Audiovisual Interpreters) aimed at creating a fund dedicated to female interpreters during pregnancy leave.

Just as a movie transports you to a unique experience by providing unforgettable moments, so Lexus aims to excite through its spirit of innovation and pioneering, leaving the driver with the opportunity to write a unique and memorable story.