Lexus is STILL the most reliable car brand in the UK (and I guess it came second)

Lexus is STILL the most reliable car brand in the UK (and I guess it came second)

What annual car? A reliability survey has found Lexus to be the UK’s most reliable car brand for the 7th year running.

It’s never been a secret that Lexus (and Toyota) make cars that are built to last, which is why (as long as you have a major dealer service) you get a 10-year warranty.

So it’s no surprise to find that Lexus is once again Britain’s most trusted car brand in the annual Which Car? reliable survey of 22,000 drivers, 32 brands and 178 car models – for the seventh year on the trot – with an overall score of 98.3 percent.

Top of the reliability pile was the last-generation Lexus NX which recorded a 99.8 percent rating, followed closely by the latest NX at 99.4 percent and the UX at 99.3 percent.

Chris Hayes, Director of Lexus UK, said:

Reliability is not a quality we ever take for granted. With each new model, we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that everything works as it should and can be trusted to maintain its performance mile after mile, year after year. Confidence in our products can be supported by our industry-leading warranty package of up to 10 years or 100,000 miles on every Lexus vehicle.

So, Lexus is the most trusted car brand in the UK for 2023, but which car brand came second? Well, and you will be shocked, it was a Toyota.

The Toyota came in with a total of 97.4 percent, with the Toyota Yaris (last generation) scoring 99.3 percent, just ahead of the current Yaris at 98.6 percent.

Claire Evans, What Car? Consumer Editor, said:

Toyota builds very powerful cars, and offers rock-solid reliability across its model range. The current and previous generation Yaris are affordable and two of the most reliable small cars you can buy, giving buyers on a tight budget some very reliable options.

Toyota is the second most trusted car brand in the UK

Beyond Lexus/Toyota’s dominance, MINI managed to grab third place followed by Suzuki and Mitsubishi, while the bottom five was made up of Land Rover, Jaguar, Vauxhall, Alfa Romeo, and Cupra dead last.