Lexus RX 450h+ (2023) review: why every Lexus should have a plug

Lexus RX 450h+ (2023) review: why every Lexus should have a plug

The Lexus RX 450h+ (2023) is a plug-in hybrid. Its plug makes it more economical, more comfortable and cheaper. But there is also a big problem.

What’s interesting about the Lexus RX 450h+?

The 450h+ Plug-in Hybrid is the most affordable version of the Lexus RX. Thanks to the low consumption, the bpm is negligible and it is cheaper than the Hybrid 350h – a conventional hybrid. That’s good, because the plug-in hybrid runs 60 kilometers on electricity alone and those are also more comfortable kilometers. More on that later.

The design is attractive and attractive. Because unlike modern Mercedes models, the design of which you can understand at a glance, there is more to see and discover with the Lexus RX. For example, the bump on the hood is similar to a beluga – a white dolphin with a bump on its head -, the grille is a nice variation on the well-known Lexus spindle grille and the lines are beautifully on the side of the car. together on the back lights.

The rear follows the latest trend: a red light bar across the entire width of the car with the brand name written in letters. The friendly green color that adorns our test car is a classic color.

What are the advantages of the Lexus RX hybrid?

With the Lexus RX you don’t have to take a course to understand performance. The number of visible buttons is limited, but Lexus cleverly solves this by placing the climate control in a convenient place below the touchscreen. And good knives for heat.

Other features that make the interior of the Lexus RX comfortable are the stylish materials, the chubby steering wheel, the driver-facing touchscreen and the front seats with extendable cushions. You are more interested in the comfort of a good suspension and solid sound insulation where some noise only penetrates around the A-pillars. This is not driving, this is meditation.

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And now we come to the icing on the cake: the RX 450h + runs about 60 kilometers on electricity and those are the best kilometers. Because in EV mode, the plug-in hybrid SUV acts like a full EV. Two electric motors provide that smooth and powerful forward movement, a 2.5-liter cylinder with a continuously variable transmission can’t compete with that. It’s always a treat when you can get up to 60km, whisper quiet and smooth after a charge. And that comfort every Lexus driver deserves. That’s why every Lexus should have a plug.

What are the negatives of the Lexus RX 450h?

The Lexus RX cries like a nest of babies. The biggest culprit and therefore a nuisance is the warning that you are driving fast – you have to turn it off every time. A small action that quickly comes out of your nose. You also hear a beep when the speed limit on the road changes, and that happens frequently. But that’s one of the systems you can turn off and have the car recalled.

The sloping roof looks sporty, but at the expense of cargo space. The capacity of 612 liters seems like a lot, but you can’t transport high objects because of the fixed rear window. Fortunately, it takes zero effort to electrically fold the rear seat back. With the same buttons on the trunk you can raise the bed again. And so it is also in this price range.

When will the Lexus RX 450h come to the Netherlands and what is its price?

The RX 450h+ Plug-in Hybrid is already available for viewing and ordering at a Lexus dealer. With a base price of 84,995 euros, the plug-in hybrid is the cheapest version. Most customers are attracted to the classic color, so you will often come across it in green. Well, often. Lexus sells an average of only 500 cars a year in the Netherlands.

What do I think of the Lexus RX 450h?

The plug-in hybrid fits well with Lexus comfort. The natural acceleration and smooth turning characteristics that you enjoy every 60 km, enhance the driving experience of the Lexus RX.

But if you really like electric driving, then you should buy the full electric Lexus RZ 450e (test), I hear you think. But the fact that the gasoline engine will kick in when the cake is done takes any kind of stress away. And that’s also the kind of comfort that suits the spoiled Lexus driver well.

At the same time, the focus on comfort makes it even more annoying that you have to turn off the speed warning system every trip. You can’t avoid it with other brands either, but such a big nuisance is extra in Lexus.