Lexus UX has arrived at Studio Biznes.  In a different version than you expect

Lexus UX has arrived at Studio Biznes. In a different version than you expect

Business Studio March 23, 2022

Studio Biznes is a live program of, which you can watch every Wednesday at 12.00. Łukasz Kijek is the leader. Not only economic news and the most important news from the world of business. In each episode – next to the host and guests – there is Tomasz Korniejew – editor-in-chief of

Today’s episode was obviously dominated by the theme of the war in Ukraine, but there was also a place for a car segment. This time we tested one of the most attractive city crossovers on the market. And it’s in a non-standard engine version. He came to Studio Biznes Lexus UX in petrol version 200, the price list of which opens about PLN 140,000.

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Lexus UX 200 – important information

Lexus UX belongs to the segment where appearance plays an important role. You can’t buy a small SUV or a premium crossover just because of its practicality or drivability. This is often done visually. That’s why cars of this size are usually more stylish than larger models. UX is at home in such a world. On the road, it catches the eye with strong, bold lines, and after dark with a red stripe that goes back.

It has a length of 4,495 mm, a width of 1,840 mm, a height of 1,520 mm and a wheelbase of 2,640 mm. The luggage compartment of the 200 version can take from 334 to 1,245 liters.

In Studio Biznes, we talk about the AUTOMOTIVE report. It is full of interesting data

It has the lowest center of gravity of all vehicles of this type. Moreover, if you leave the seat as much as possible, the driving experience will be similar to that of classic compacts – you will not feel like you are sitting in an SUV. The Lexus drives very well. First of all, the previously mentioned low center of gravity gives a feeling of complete control over the car. Second, the steering is precise and the suspension is configured to avoid over-leaning in fast-moving curves. At the same time, it ensures a good balance selection. Driving a Lexus is simply fun. And it doesn’t matter if we go fast or slow down the next one kilometers. UX is always in charge.

The 200 versions have a two-liter engine under the hood strength 171 km / h, which works in conjunction with the CVT transmission. Performance? 9.2 seconds to the first hundred and 190 km / h speed maximum. When driving around the city, the actual fuel consumption is about 8-9 l / 100 km. The manufacturer advertises 6.6 l / 100 km in the combined cycle.

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