LG Smart TV will receive a new ACR solution, the old technology will be replaced by LG ADS Solution service

LG Smart TV will receive a new ACR solution, the old technology will be replaced by LG ADS Solution service

LG marks the next step in its diversified broadcast television (CTV) business.

LG Electronics announced the launch of Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology, owned by LG ADS Solutions, on all LG TVs worldwide in September this year. This solution will replace the existing technology, and millions of smart TVs in 27 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and Australia will have this new solution.

LG ADS Solutions’ ACR technology already works on LG Smart TVs in the US. With its spread in the market, data from LG CTV (Connected TV) will only be available through LG ADS Solutions.

“Since its inception in May last year, LG ADS Solutions has grown rapidly worldwide,” said Chris Jo, senior vice president and general manager, Platform Operations, LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company. “The introduction of the new ACR solution is another important step that demonstrates the company’s commitment to quality and its commitment to provide brands and agents worldwide with the best advertising solutions.”

CEO Raghu Kodige said: “The market launch of this solution is another important step in our global advertising business for CTV and LG ADS Solutions. This is a very important moment for brands around the world who want to reach more and more viewers who leave TV pay or frequent and move to streaming services. It is also important to help them understand the increase in advertising of these services over traditional linear television. Thanks to LG ADS Solutions, global brands can now plan, enable and measure CTV advertising using ACR’s industry-leading data collection, ensuring campaign success.

ACR Data complies with all international and national user data protection laws. It helps brands understand, through anonymized data, how often certain TV ads are watched in certain households. Businesses can benefit, for example, by increasing the frequency of their advertising services in low-viewing households. They can also control frequency in households that regularly watch them or find viewers in households that receive competitors’ ads. One of the biggest advantages, however, is that advertising companies and agencies will discover which households are not being reached by advertising at all, because they are not using traditional television.
This data can also be used to measure the effectiveness of advertisements. They indicate whether an ad encouraged a viewer to watch a specific TV program, movie, or whether it contributed to a download or subscription to a program or streaming service.

LG ADS Solutions already supports CTV campaigns in more than 40 countries worldwide. All brands that will be affected by the implementation of this technology will be able to start working with LG Ads Solutions immediately. This will allow them to better understand the TV audience in their countries, identify audience segments and improve reach, as well as the frequency and effectiveness of advertising on linear and streaming television.