Lia Block Celebrates Ken Block’s Legacy in Tribute-Liveried Subaru BRZ Rally Car

Lia Block Celebrates Ken Block’s Legacy in Tribute-Liveried Subaru BRZ Rally Car

Lia Block commemorates her father, Ken Block, with an exaltatory tribute-liveried Subaru BRZ rally car. Block, an adept racer, has been trailblazing the rally car scene since the early 2000s. His daughter’s gesture celebrates his decades-long legacy of success.

The Subaru BRZ rally car is modified with a pixelated livery in honor of her father. The design features a checkered flag motif surrounded by Ken Block’s signature green and blue color palette. The car’s hood is emblazoned with a portrait of Ken Block and the phrase “Honoring the Legacy” in white lettering.

The car’s distinct design is reflective of Lia Block’s desire to pay reverence to her father’s prodigious racing career. The rally car pays homage to her father’s accomplishments on the circuit, as well as his status as a global brand ambassador for motorsports. Lia Block has stated, “My father has always been a great inspiration for me, and I’m proud to honor his legacy with this car.”

The modified Subaru BRZ is a part of the Block family’s ongoing contribution to the rally car world. Ken Block, who is known for his Mad Skills and Gymkhana driving style, began his career in rally cars in the early 2000s. His career has since taken him around the world, and he is now a five-time rally champion.

The Subaru BRZ rally car is a fitting tribute to Ken Block and his legacy of success in the motorsports industry. Lia Block’s celebration of her father’s prowess is a testament to the Block family’s commitment to the rally car world.

With the release of this tribute-liveried Subaru BRZ, the Block family is celebrating their patriarch’s decades-long devotion to the rally car scene. Lia Block’s homage to her father serves as a reminder of the importance of honoring the past, as well as the enduring legacy of Ken Block.