Lia Block To Race Subaru BRZ With Camo Inspired By Her Dad’s First Race Livery

Lia Block To Race Subaru BRZ With Camo Inspired By Her Dad’s First Race Livery

Lia Block, daughter of two-time IMSA champion Randy Block, will be engaging in her inaugural race with a Subaru BRZ adorned in a camouflage-inspired livery that pays homage to her father’s first IMSA competition.

Block will be competing in the Streets of St. Petersburg race next month, a circuit that has been a part of the IMSA series since 2012. Her Subaru BRZ will be outfitted with a livery that pays tribute to the unique camouflage design of the Porsche 935 that her father drove in his first IMSA race in 1981.

The livery is composed of an array of greens, browns, and blacks, which form a pattern of overlapping shapes and lines that mimic the natural environment, designed to help conceal the vehicle from view in a race setting.

Block is excited to be taking part in her first race, and with a special tribute to her father, who is no longer with us. “I wanted to honor my dad and his racing career,” she said. “I love the camo livery and I think it’s a great way to recognize his first IMSA race.”

Block believes that the livery will help her stand out against the competition and make her car look different to the fans. “It’s a unique livery and I think it will make the car look really cool as it passes by,” she said.

The combination of Block’s familial ties to the sport and her unique livery design will surely make her an exciting competitor to watch during the Streets of St. Petersburg race. Her Subaru BRZ, outfitted in the camouflage-inspired livery, will be a tribute to her father’s historic first IMSA race, a sight that will undoubtedly be remembered by fans and competitors alike.