License Plate Font: What You Can Do

License Plate Font: What You Can Do

Would you like to change your phone number? Pay attention to the rules about printing!

In general, a number it doesn’t change. And for good reason, its use is only in practical theory, serving only to identify the car in circulation, especially in the event of a violation. Furthermore, these are very tightly regulated, with the rules leaving very little room for fantasy or customization. That’s why most cars don’t touch it and leave it the way they bought it. Sole proprietors of collectible cars they can afford to put black plates, which are completely legal, but only in this special case.

Can the font be changed?

However, many drivers wish to modify their license plate, to give more character to their car. But we really have the right to do that change the font and put what you want. Yes and no. If it’s completely authorized to modify the typology, we can’t do anything either. So we forget comics without MS and other fancy fonts, at fine pains. Indeed, unauthorized printing can make the plate non-compliant. And in this case, the fine will be steep, as it will cost you 135 €.

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What types of text are allowed?

By the way, your car will also be good for a technical control tour ! So, the best thing is to respect the law, to avoid dealing with the police. Only typefaces called “bar” are approved, i.e. ones like Arial or Times for example. The aim is to make the plates legible, regardless of road conditions and weather conditions. Also, remember that black stripes are strictly illegal and subject to fines.

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