Lidl Austria uses the first electric trucks to transport the branch

Lidl Austria uses the first electric trucks to transport the branch

This year, Lidl Austria wants to use a total of six electric trucks from Volvo Trucks to transport the branch in the greater Vienna area. The first of these electric trucks is already in use. By 2030, all Lidl branches in Austria should only deliver products by electric truck.

In particular, the first prototype has been in testing since September and is now in permanent use, as Lidl Austria reports. The Volvo FL Electric has a gross vehicle weight of 16,700 kg and is the lightest electric truck from Volvo Trucks. The model is designed for urban delivery traffic and municipal services such as waste management.

“We are happy that after the first test operation with Volvo FL Electric, we were able to extend our cooperation with Lidl Austria. The concrete results show that our vehicles prove their value and are ready for daily use by our customers,” says Patrick Dornig, Managing Director of Volvo Trucks Austria.

With the current generation of batteries, the vehicles should have a real range of up to 345 km, as Lidl Austria writes. Six high-performance charging stations with an output of up to 360 kW will be installed at the facility in Großebersdorf for energy supply. “As a result, the vehicles can be used for almost 24 hours and fully charged within 90 minutes,” says Michael Kunz, Head of Sales and Logistics at Lidl Austria. Meanwhile, the on-site PV system will be expanded to an output of 1.85 MWh. “This allows us to supply all vehicles and parts of the warehouse with our green electricity,” says Kunz.

The use of six electric trucks alone should save up to 500 tonnes of CO2 annually. Since Lidl Austria no longer wants to use diesel vehicles for branch deliveries by 2030, this should result in CO2 savings of 16,800 tonnes. The truck fleet currently consists of approximately 200 vehicles.

The company depends as reported also more than 60 fully electric cars from the VW brand as company cars.