Lidlomix, the Monsiuer Cuisine Smart robot, returned to Lidl, but only for a few days.

Lidlomix, the Monsiuer Cuisine Smart robot, returned to Lidl, but only for a few days.

For 3 days only, Lidl will sell a cooking device known as lidlomix. The new, allegedly improved, Silvercrest Monsiuer Cuisine Smart food processor will be available in stores.

Lidlomix costs PLN 2499, but its “appearance” in Lidl stores still arouses interest among customers. The Monsiuer Cuisine Smart multifunctional food processor in the upgraded version is more powerful and compatible with Google Assistant, so you can control it by speaking.

At Lidl, the stationary will only be on sale until Saturday, July 2 or while stocks last. The discount operator announces that the food processor will only go to physical stores, the ad does not mention online sales.

Where does such interest in the product come from? The Monsieur Cuisine Smart food processor with Wi-Fi function has 11 functions: cooking, steaming, chopping, weighing, pouring, kneading, cutting, mixing, frying, slow cooking.

Netizens sharing recipes on social media claim that lidlomix is ​​a good alternative to the famous Thermomix. On the other hand, the end devices cost more than PLN 5,000. zlotys.

Let us remind you that at the beginning of 2021, Lidl lost a case against the makers of the rival Thermomix. Vorwerk accused Lidl of patent infringement, but earlier this year the Supreme Court of Barcelona ruled that Vorwerk’s patent was invalid.

Monsieur Cuisine Smart robot, which has been discontinued early, so it can be resold.

The model, which will be delivered to Lidl in 3 days, will be available from June 30 to Saturday, July 2, 2022.

As Lidl says, it differs from the previous version. It is more powerful (1050 W – cooking power + 1000 W – mixing power), it is more intuitive to use, it has a bigger, 8-inch display with better resolution.

The tool allows you to create weekly meal plans with the function of fixing portions and preparing shopping lists. Lidlomix can be controlled by speaking with the help of Google Assistant, communicating in English.