Light and shadow at the ZM Competition in Lavanttal / ORM

Light and shadow at the ZM Competition in Lavanttal / ORM

Christoph Zellhofer finished eighth overall in the Lavanttal Rally and won the Rally Cup, with Fabian Zeiringer and German Björn Satorius retiring early.

The Lavanttal tournament in the Wolfsberg region was the third round in the local championship and the second round in the Mitropacup this weekend. The ZM-Racing team, which took second overall at the Easter Rally in Germany a week ago with Dominik Dinkel driving the Ford Fiesta Rallye 2, returned to the field in Carinthia.

German Björn Satorius with co-pilot Jennifer Lerch, who has already placed fifth overall in the German championship race in Erzgebirge this year, came to Austria once again to score points in the Mitropacup. The goal was also to get an overall ranking among the top ten pilots. Satorius managed this very well, he was in eighth place until the tenth special stage, then the German was unlucky. He chose a harder tire compound, slammed on the brakes at the junction and crashed his Ford Fiesta Rallye2 down the slope. This made it impossible to continue driving. Instead, Satorius was taken to the hospital because of severe neck pain, but after a thorough examination he was sent to home care.

Styrian Fabian Zeiringer and co-driver Angelika Letz were caught a little early. Between WP 6 and 7 he had to abandon the Ford Fiesta Rallye2. A harmless skid caused serious damage to the radiator, all the water came out and made it impossible to continue driving. Until this defeat, Styrian was in a good eighth place and would look for a place in midfield.

However, the performance of Christoph Zellhofer and Andre Kachel in the hot seat was very good. Since the start of the meeting, the small boss of ZM was always within the distance of being among the top ten teams. This didn’t quite work out on the first day, but on the second day they were able to climb to eighth place with a very good performance. The reward for this was not only this very good overall ranking, but it also meant victory in the Austrian Rally Cup, winning the prototype class and being the best non-RC2 car with the Suzuki Swift ZMX.

However, ZM-Racing team boss Max Zellhofer was able to draw a positive conclusion from his three supporters: “I have to congratulate my son Christoph. Despite the difficult track conditions, he drove a flawless meeting, made no mistakes and always set a speed summary, which was very high. Things are looking good for winning the Rally Cup at the end of the season. The victory in the January meeting and now also in Lavanttal is compared to the defeat in Rebenland and means a better leadership in the ORC.

Zellhofer continued: “With Fabian Zeiringer, we saw in his third ride in the RC2 car that he had improved his driving skills and could easily continue in the middle of the top ten. When he failed, he was unlucky when he pushed on, he had little travel and the radiator was so damaged that it was no longer possible to continue. Björn Satorius was also very unlucky. He was in the top ten for a long time but unfortunately he made a mistake in choosing the right tires, which was punished by a serious crash on a long slope. The car remained intact, Björn is already on the road to recovery and drank his first beer after returning from the hospital.” (Sports Press Service)