Liner, 2CV, Jeep… at Creuse, Serge Samuel produces small models down to the smallest details.

Liner, 2CV, Jeep… at Creuse, Serge Samuel produces small models down to the smallest details.

In Ceyroux (Creuse), Serge Samuel, a retired cabinet maker, has his own collection of small cars. He made them himself with a skill that was awarded a gold medal in 2008 after a silver one in 2006, at the Neuville de Poitou fashion show.

Three days were required by the craftsman to create the tires for each of these luxurious and highly successful models.

Very different examples for the passion fed

His wife, Christine, now deceased, made doll furniture and car seats, including the two-horse Charleston. Everyone had their own seminar, next to each other. The beautiful statue of Saint-Blaise that sits in the church is one of the latest creations of the master carpenter.

It works with low inheritance

The list of these great achievements includes cars, but also boats, such as the old rig or the 1.27 meter Surcouf liner, which floated in the Saint-Dizier-Masbaraud and Marsac reservoirs.
His hot cars can run at 70 km / h, most of them are remote control.

The production includes that of mold, for every part of the body, the method is strict, the results are amazing. For example, on the Jeep Willys, all the details are there, right down to the container and the trailer hitch. It took Serge Samuel a year to build the engine, and the spark plugs are burning.

Citroen 15/6 Convertible Tensioner

Some of his designs have already been shown at least three editions of the Vieilleville Vehicle Concentration. On his 1915 Ford T, the engine turns on a slope.

Another great example is the Citro├źn Traction 15/6 Cabriolet. Only a few examples left the factory, ordered before the war and released in 1946 for Madame Michelin. It has 15 cylinders. This one, faithfully restored, is white. Its grille was cut by a skilled craftsman in a piece of aluminum and the headlights are lit. A real treat for the eyes.