Listed in Brazil, the compact Renegade is the 2023 Car of the Year in Europe

Listed in Brazil, the compact Renegade is the 2023 Car of the Year in Europe

FCA’s first model to be built on the PSA platform, the Jeep Avenger, also known as the mini Renegade, won the European Car of the Year award. The fierce conflict had another style of Stellantis in the race with a new generation of Electric Volkswagen Kombi.

Through a vote by expert journalists, Jeep Avenger received 328 points and was named the best car of the year in Europe. The advantage of the Renegade mini in the score against the second place, the electric Volkswagen Kombi, was 87 points, being the biggest difference between all placed. VW ID.Buzz scored 241 points.

The list was dominated by electric models, Jeep Avenger, Volkswagen ID.Buzz, Nissan Ariya, Kia Niro and Toyota bZ4X are all electric models. The Kia Niro still has a hybrid option, while the Renegade mini will have the combustion variant launched that year.

Volkswagen ID.Buzz [divulgação]

Of the 7 models that received the most votes, only Renault Austral, which came fifth, and Peugeot 408, sixth place, not electricity. However, both are offered in hybrid versions, while Stellantis’ SUV coupe will soon have an electric-only variant.


1. Jeep Avenger – 328 points
2. Volkswagen ID. Buzz – 241 points
3. Nissan Ariya – 211 points
4. Kia Niro – 200 points
5. Renault Austral – 163 points
6. Peugeot 408 – 149 points
7. Toyota bZ4X – 133 points

Brazil in the game

Of the seven best-placed models in the race for car of the year, only one of them is sold in Brazil: the Kia Niro. The electric Volkswagen Kombi has already been confirmed for our country and should arrive in the national territory soon. It is different from the Jeep Avenger, which is highly anticipated, but has not yet been confirmed by the brand as an entry model.

Renault Australia [divulgação]

The transfer of production of the next-generation Jeep Renegade to Betim, where it will use CMP’s common Stellantis platform, strengthens the possibility that the Avenger will be made here. After all, it precisely uses the CMP base of the Citroën C3, Peugeot 208 and the future Renegade made in Minas Gerais.

Another model that should be seen here, but as an introduction, is the Nissan Ariya. The brand presented an electric SUV at the launch of the Frontier in Argentina, giving hints that it could be coming. Renault Austral, Peugeot 408 and Toyota bZ4X have very low chances of arriving in Brazil, reaching almost zero.

Peugeot 408 [divulgação]
Peugeot 408 [divulgação]

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