LIVE ELW – The Beretta Schio family dominates the Baskets Landes

LIVE ELW – The Beretta Schio family dominates the Baskets Landes

On the eleventh day of the EuroLeague Women’s regular season, for group B the match between The Beretta Schio family (7-3) and The land of basketball (2-8). Pay particular attention to two opponents, the only ones from Landes who travel in double figures: Swedish winger Margarity (12.7 points and 6.4 rebounds) and talented young guard Fauhoux (11 points and 3.9 assists). Familia girls came from their first defeat in the LBF championship, which they got at home to Virtus Bologna last Saturday, and the desire to start again is great. The live stream is online below the article.

Beretta Famila Schio continues to win in the Euroleague Women by taking the eighth win of the season and keeping PalaRomare undefeated. The Oranges defeated Basket Landes 85-71 in a head-turning challenge where the French, who are struggling even in the league, had the reputation of always staying in the race without making a comeback of course. The Orange fans’ welcome to Jillian Harmon’s debut as an ex at PalaRomare was great.

Impressive performance from the line in the first half with 6 triples scored among 8 attempts, led by the usual Mabrey (21 points and an amazing 5/7 from long range), Howard’s 15 points and Sottana and Penna’s excellent. For the guests the best performance of Magarity (21 points) and Dumerc who always likes to rise on the parquet of PalaRomare with his 8 passes on the sheet.

A bad way to match the oranges who really don’t defend and in 2 minutes they get 12 points, doing it with three times the talent from Verona and Howard. Basket Landes gets the best offensive terminal in Magarity: 11 points and 100% from the field. After a Dikaioulakos timeout, Beretta sets up a little defense and builds a 17-2 run with a triple: Mabrey makes a 3 and Bestagno makes it 29-19 at the first buzzer.

Even entering the field in the second quarter is not careful and transalpines take the opportunity to return to -6. Schio resumes his performance from the distance and now Penna gives a performance with three more goals. In the 15th minute, Howard scored for Keys but Landes remained in contact with Mann, Gil and the regular Magarity: 39-31. Famila plays several excellent defenses that launch Mabrey into the Verona counterattack: at the long break the score is 48-34.

It is still Mabrey who drags the orange with a 55-39 lead but they cannot shake the opponents who, with a full Chery from inside the area, remain just above a double-digit deficit. Howard and Sottana are trying to pull off an 8-0 split with two over three goals and the biggest advantage at +19. In the final minutes of the quarter, however, the host was redeemed again by Chery, Magarity and Fauthoux who closed the game from three points for 65-53 at the third siren.

The French defense rises and the misunderstanding of Orange increases in a difficult evening on the communication between the players of the team: but for every mistake made, Beretta has the advantage of correcting it immediately in the other half of the field. Mestdagh and Keys, in an unproductive evening, get valuable points with Sottana with his usual jumper: 73-59. With Mann and Gil the visitors return -8 but Mabrey and Howard come back from the bench and score immediately: a triple by Mabrey, a shot by Howard and a steal of the second with a basket during the break from the first that is closed of course. match. The eighth victory of this Euroleague has been signed 85-71 and three finals by captain Sottana.

Beretta Famila Schio – Basket Land 85-71

Continuing quarters: 1st quarter 29-19; 2nd quarter 48-34 (19-15); 3rd Quarter 65-53 (17-19); 4th quarter 85-71 (20-18).

Beretta Family Schio: Mabrey 21, Bestagno 5, Mestdagh 2, Sottana 12, Sivka 0, Verona 7, Howard 15, Crippane, Keys 6, Penna 10, Zahui 0, Ndour 7

Basket Countries: Magarity 21, Fauthoux 8, Dumerc 6, Marrast 0, Roumy 0, Gil 10, Harmon 8, Mann 6, Paget 3, Chery 9

Warming up before the race

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