Live in Fiat 500 – SWR Heimat

Live in Fiat 500 – SWR Heimat

Grandmother is to blame. He once gave Kai (who is called “milp” on the internet) an old Fiat 500 as a gift. And because such a 200,000-mile[200,000 km]box is prone to speeding up or standing still and showing one or the other damage, there were only two options: “Either pay a lot of money for expensive repairs, or learn how to do it. yourself. “

“milp” learned how to spin Fiat and runs his 500 at Fiat meetings – all over Europe. “It’s a real family, it doesn’t matter who you are, how you look, where you come from – that’s when you feel good,” she says. Sure, there aren’t just any high-speed guns in front of wild horse-wielding beasts here, your loved ones on the move here, possibly with family members.

All mini campers are included

Because you also have to spend the night somewhere, it was obvious to “milp”: Fiat will be converted into a camp. With all the harassment. Solar panels on the roof, internet access, built-in air conditioning, bed (2 meters by 80 centimeters, Japanese futon “very fun”), has tap water. Example: A space package, everything is carefully thought out. To save energy, “milp” imported the car from the outside. “It looks bad,” he admits. But his car needs to be technically updated, outward appearance does not matter to him.

You can often see him at the camp in Bingen, because he works for a young company in Bingen. He can also bring his passengers with him: Didi, a deaf and disoriented cat who got from animal shelters. Didi’s garbage box is behind the fire extinguisher on Fiat. “milp” also wants to go to the Northern Cape with Didi soon. In winter of course. His camp is prepared for everything.