Lizzie Deignan fears ‘huge loss’ of Women’s Tour as funding issues threaten race

Lizzie Deignan fears ‘huge loss’ of Women’s Tour as funding issues threaten race

As Lizzie Deignan agonizingly contemplates the potential loss of the Women’s Tour, the British cyclist has voiced her concern that funding issues are imperiling the event’s continued existence.

Deignan, a three-time Tour champion, has expressed trepidation about the future of the race should the financial constraints it faces not be alleviated.

“The Women’s Tour is the highlight of the season for many of us,” Deignan said in a statement. “It’s a huge loss if it doesn’t happen.”

Lack of funding has been a persistent issue for the Tour since its inaugural edition in 2014, prompting a campaign to #savethewomentour. The Women’s Cycling Association has launched a crowdfunding drive to help cover the costs of the event, which is planned to be held in June.

However, Deignan is worried that the lack of financial support will ultimately lead to the Tour’s cancellation.

“It’s a huge loss if it doesn’t happen,” she lamented.

The financial woes of the Women’s Tour are reflective of a larger issue facing women’s cycling, which has long struggled to receive equal funding and recognition as their male counterparts. If the Tour is not able to secure the necessary financial backing, it could be a major setback in the long-term sustainability of the sport.

Deignan’s apprehension is well-founded, and her hope for the future of the race is shared by many other female cyclists. Yet, unless a solution can be found to address the event’s budgetary challenges, the Women’s Tour’s future remains uncertain.