‘Look at how we are now’

‘Look at how we are now’

McLaren brings several updates to the MCL36 of the Spanish Grand Prix. It will be an important weekend for the Barcelona team, where they can compare trial dates with new dates.

System 1 will return this weekend to the pre-trial zone – or change – of this season, Barcelona. It is the first real opportunity for the team to see if they have made progress from those test days, or if they have gone in the wrong direction.

So it will be an important weekend for other teams, including McLaren. They looked like one of the crown contenders after the test days, but in the first race in Bahrain it was clear that they had some work to do. Since then McLaren has progressed and is more stable in the midfield again.

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“We’re bringing updates,” McLaren team captain Andreas Seidl is looking forward to the Spanish Grand Prix. “I know it has been a busy week for many teams that have made a difference for Barcelona, ​​so it remains an exciting battle to earn points.”

“We did well on this song during the trial period, so it will be interesting to see how our car will work with the improvements we have brought since then,” added Seidl. “We hope we can have a good fight and get all the cars back in the battle for good points.”

Daniel Ricciardo sees Barcelona as a good test to see which features of the MCL36 can still be improved. “When we tried it here in February, we had a better idea of ​​what to expect under the new regulations than during other race weekends. It would be nice to see where we could make improvements and keep the updates we bring to trial.”