look at the trend of color options

look at the trend of color options

Jeep Avenger – Photo: Revealed

Achromatic or neutral colors (such as white, black, silver and gray) continue to dominate the automotive (non-commercial vehicle) market worldwide.

As it has been for several years now, white (39%) is still the most popular car color.

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The data comes from the Color Report for Automotive Coatings by BASF, which refers to 2022, which also reveals chromatic colors on the rise: yellow, orange, green and purple. But it is worth considering that they represent 1% each of all colors (see chart above).

Citroën ë-C3 – Photo: Disclosure

Another aspect of the study shows that when buyers did not choose achromatic colors, they often chose blue or red. “Although these two colors are still very popular, other colors like yellow, orange, green and purple are gaining market in many parts of the world. This shows that customers Basf – car manufacturers – are embracing a wider range of colors than ever before,” says the company.

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South America

BASF claims that, historically, Latin American car buyers have opted for traditional and neutral colors. White is the most popular, and gray is overtaking black in the market segment for achromatic colors.

Honda Civic – Photo: Disclosure

For chromatic colors, red and blue were stable compared to previous years, while brown gained ground (1%). These colors were chosen especially for small cars.

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Large cars and SUVs represented a large part of achromatic colors, with new and different effects.

BMW X1 – Photo: Disclosure

“South America is still a conservative region. Buying a car here means you may not have a wide range of colors, but within each color space, there are interesting and different effects,” said Marcos Fernandes, Director of Automotive Coatings there. Basf for Latin America, in a press release.


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