Lotus Eletre – the British brand advertises an SUV

Lotus Eletre – the British brand advertises an SUV

Traditionally, the British brand “christened” its new car with a name starting with the letter “E”. So the Eletre SUV will join the already existing sports cars: the petrol Emira and the electric Evija. What? What do we already know about it?

In terms of style, the first graphics and teasers revealed show inspiration for the aggressive style of the brand’s aforementioned sports models. The aerodynamic work features narrow headlights, an angular grille, a steeply sloping windshield, a large split roof spoiler, and full-width tail lights. The photos also show cameras instead of rear-view mirrors and an additional, removable roof, which could be part of the autonomous driving system.

Interior images show a futuristic dashboard with digital clocks and steering wheel touch controls.

The new Eletre SUV is based on Lotus’ premium platform designed for electric models. According to the previously disclosed information, it will have a wheelbase of 2,998 to 3,100 mm and will also be used in a range of planned cars, including a small crossover, as well as a four-door coupe. Very important, this platform has been replaced with a battery with a capacity of 90 to 120 kWh, which, thanks to the 800-volt architecture, can be charged with a power of up to 350 kW. Lotus also promises that the drivetrain will provide truly sporty dynamics, such as acceleration to “hundreds” in less than 3 seconds.

It is worth knowing that the Eletre SUV will be manufactured at Lotus’ new factory in China, which was built at a cost of 900 million pounds in the city of Wuhan. This is where other models will be built on the premium platform, while Hethel’s home factory in Norfolk will produce the sports cars. More information will be available on March 29.