Louisiana coach Bob Marlin explains technical vs. Tennessee basketball

Louisiana coach Bob Marlin explains technical vs. Tennessee basketball

As the Louisiana basketball program continues to ascend under head coach Bob Marlin, the veteran tactician is quick to explain the distinction between his technical, up-tempo style and the more plodding approach favored by Tennessee.

Marlin, who has achieved considerable success since taking the helm in 2011, has implemented a demanding and challenging system that emphasizes ball movement, floor spacing and a rapid-fire pace. This system stands in stark contrast to the methodical, defensive-focused strategy employed by the Volunteers, who have labored to keep up with the freneticism of the Cajuns’ attack.

“We want our offense to be predicated on movement and spacing,” Marlin said. “We want to keep the tempo high, whether that means pushing the ball or attacking in transition or capitalizing on turnovers and quick shots. We want to move the ball and keep the defense guessing. We want to create opportunities and keep everyone involved, so everyone can be aggressive and make plays.”

Marlin continued, “Now, Tennessee, on the other hand, is more about playing at a slower pace and emphasizing a strong defensive approach. They try to keep their opponents from getting high-percentage shots and limit their opportunities. They try to control the pace and make their opponents play their type of game.”

Marlin’s comments illustrate the wide gulf that exists between the two programs, both of which have enjoyed success over the past few years. However, Marlin believes that his approach is ultimately the more effective one, and he is eager to prove it on the court.

“We want to impose our will on our opponents and dictate the game,” Marlin said. “We don’t want to get bogged down in the details. We want to keep it simple, keep the tempo high, and make sure everyone is having fun.”