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He got behind the wheel while drunk and failed to control the car on the road. It hit a car hitting a bridge. He then fled the area.

On Tuesday morning, one of the drivers traveling along the provincial road number 838 between Dorohucza and Cyców saw a damaged car. It was on a bridge over the Wieprz-Krzna canal in Wojciechów in Chełm county.

The man stopped immediately and ran to help. However, it was found that there was no one inside the car. There were traces of blood on the road. Emergency services were notified.

Fire brigade, medical rescue team and police immediately intervened. It was previously revealed that the Volkswagen driver lost control of the car at the corner of the road. The car skidded and then hit the barriers on the bridge. The driver got out of the car and fled on foot.

While the soldiers continued with activities aimed at determining the circumstances of the accident, the driver returned to the scene. A breath test showed he had more than half the legal alcohol content in his system.

The man was placed in a police cell where he is still unconscious. Further action will be taken on it tomorrow. He will also face charges.

(photo sent – Paweł)