Luc Donckerwolke from Genesis (Hyundai)

Luc Donckerwolke from Genesis (Hyundai)

Genesis started out as a high-end Hyundai model for us, but has become an independent brand since 2015. It has already been successful in South Korea and North America, now expected to be the best brand in Europe under the leadership of Chief Creative Officer and Chief Brand Officer Luc Donckerwolke . We talked to him.

You already have an exciting career in the automotive industry. Developing a Home for Europe is still a major challenge?
“Of course not. From day one, the intention was also to release Genesis to Europe. That’s why we went through all the stages with a view to the European market. This includes creating our DNA, identifying brand values, putting together a design team and identifying product cover.You can’t make a paid domestic brand, something like that must have international stability.But of course we are considering a product portfolio for Europe that the market demands.

The beginning is already in Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. How was the reception there?
“Honestly, we were surprised by the positive response, which is much greater than expected. Of course there have been challenges and we have learned a lot in the first six months. A new European brand is not easy, you have to keep working on it.

Which countries will follow and when will Genesis come to the Netherlands? †
I can’t say anything about it yet. Our focus is still on our ‘launched’ countries, because they are big and important markets. We will expand to other countries in due course. ”

Will Genesis be the ‘only electricity’ in Europe?
“Yes, not just Europe. From 2025, all the Genesis models presented will be fully electric. Genesis will have eight different types of electricity by 2030. And by 2035 we will be completely without CO2.”

What is the DNA of the Genesis brand and who are the customers?
“Genesis is driven by structure. The values ​​of our brand are ambitious, progressive and of course Korean. Finally we mean our customer-focused approach. which are always available to the user.Our customers are auto experts looking for an athletic, elegant and modern product that has not yet been offered in this class.And this along with the luxury of very personal service.

Where will the beginning be in five years?
“We already have two strong pillars of Genesis’ success: South Korea and North America. This allows us in Europe to take the time to focus on quality rather than quantity. We want customer satisfaction to adhere to our brand values.

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