Lueg opens the Essen brand world: “Mercedes-AMG new criterion”

Lueg opens the Essen brand world: “Mercedes-AMG new criterion”

Lueg car sales include its AMG brand specialization in Essen. On June 15, the first AMG Brand Center in Germany will open its doors – one of the largest in the world in terms of location. The company announced Friday that within more than a year, a unique world of experience for a wide range of vehicles and services was created at approximately 1,700 square meters.

“With the first AMG Printing Center in the German-speaking area, we are giving the AMG brand a makeover and fun – in the Ruhr area and beyond,” Board Member Benjamin Kaiser said. In this way, Lueg will become a powerful and national ambassador for AMG. “Together with our partners Mercedes-AMG and Mercedes-Benz, we realize the vision of individual ‘driving performance’ and ‘luxury’ of the individual.”

With a new station, Lueg continues with a strategy to direct his own skills to the appropriate traffic centers. The center fits perfectly with the strategy of providing competence, passion and experience in the central region, explained board spokesman Martijn Storm. “Compared to other parts of the printing industry such as Shanghai or Tokyo, Essen may seem odd. Indeed, given its central location in one of Europe’s largest metropolitan areas, with our combined expertise, the city That makes perfect sense, “says Kaiser.

The manufacturer also sees this and praises the long-term and certified partnership. Lueg has been the official AMG Operations Center in Essen since 2008, and has had its own exhibition room since 2014. We are implementing this approach together in a new facility, “stressed Achim Sauer, Head of Sales Networks and a member of the Mercedes-Benz Germany Vehicle Sales Board (MBD).

Those involved in Lueg are proud of the new location (from left to right): Martijn Storm (CEO), Stefan Jansen (Commercial Vehicles CEO), Benjamin Kaiser (Vehicle CEO), Michael Speh (Head of Service Unit Cars) by Stephan Hohmann (Head of New Vehicle Unit)

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Client experience in focus

Visual attractions include a fully illuminated LED exterior facade, which has about two miles of rear slats. Additional design and architectural elements are intended to emphasize the brand values ​​of sports and luxury. The concept of a new facility was developed by a team from Gellink + Schwämmlein Architekten from Stuttgart, who designed the design of all AMG Brands Centers as well as Heller Designstudio. “Extensive light displays attract attention and immerse the cars displayed in the exhibition room in a special race atmosphere. Added to this is the digital effect on the various screens in the middle. AMG, “says Stephan Hohmann, who is in charge of the new passenger car unit in Lueg.

Aside from the unique environment, Lueg also wants to offer its customers many “visible” events – such as events, experimental stocks or secret reviews. “Given the size of the area, we cover almost the entire AMG car portfolio. This means that our customers can explore more designs – including fewer versions and fire trucks – than ever before,” says Hohmann. Vehicle selection, pilot operation and delivery should be a special experience that takes into account the wishes of each individual client. “Anyone who buys AMG is fulfilling a personal dream. The car should be personal, unique and elegant. From the colors to the accessories to the sewing – in a new facility our customers can put together the model they want. someone else owns it. This is how we turn selection into an emotional experience. “

With “Unboxing your star”, Lueg is also the first Mercedes-AMG partner to offer a custom-specific presentation that was previously only available at AMG headquarters in Affalterbach – including a variety of special decorations.

© Photo: Lueg Group

Digitization and emotion

A variety of services and information can be called to the exhibition room via screens or tablet: from configuring your personal AMG to setting up driving usage appointments. Teams in Essen prepare customer vehicles for car races, for example, and organize driving events such as “Tracking Days”. Kaiser: “From our Business Center we make the AMG brand and the outlook on life clear.” A team of brand and product experts maintain customer support. Finally, not only marketing should be done. “Anyone who comes to our facility becomes part of the AMG community. We actively invite our customers to exchange ideas with the internet,” added Michael Speh, Head of Automotive Service Unit.

“We offer an elegant and personalized journey and allow our customers to experience the AMG lifestyle in a whole new way. Our vision of the new AMG Brand Center is based on a unique, unique selection of vehicles and services, as well as long-term AMG expertise in Lueg, “explained Philipp Schiemer, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH. The combination of emotion, self and service is the main foundation for winning new customers and retaining long-term customers.

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