Luxury and speed.  Krosno on the Porsche Touring Podkarpacie route

Luxury and speed. Krosno on the Porsche Touring Podkarpacie route

Krosno hosts the cars of Porsche Club Poland members participating in the Porsche Touring Podkarpacie event.

Porsche Club Poland is the only official Porsche club in Poland authorized by Porsche AG. It brings together approximately two hundred and fifty owners and lovers of the Porsche brand. Since the beginning of its activities, the club has organized several events.

At the end of May is another event organized by the club together with Porsche Centrum Kraków under the name of Porsche Touring Podkarpacie.

– During these two days we will run on national roads and around the outskirts of the Carpathians. We will visit the dam in Solina, and we will pass by two more – Sieniawa and Myczkowiec. In the second half of the day we will cover a special forest stage, visit the Bezmiechowa glider and finally through the snakes of the Słonne Mountains. – says Mateusz Stabryła from Porsche Club Poland.

The basis of the event is Krosno, in the parking lot near the Delikatesy Centrum store on Bursaki Street, in a special designated area, several Porsche cars are parked.

– Different versions and versions of the old Porsche 911 take part in the journey, from the classic 964 to the latest 992. There are also popular Boxsters and Spyders. – adds Mateusz Stabryła.

See photos of the cars: