Luxury BYD electric SUV accidentally crashed into a cliff with a tow truck

Luxury BYD electric SUV accidentally crashed into a cliff with a tow truck

This brand new luxury SUV BYD YangWang U8 fell off a 30-meter cliff when the transport operation went wrong.

The WORLD YangWang U8 is a high-tech, all-electric SUV for the Chinese market that uses four electric motors to produce 820kW for a three-second 0-100 km/h sprint time.

Circa $AU215,000 (¥1 million in China) YangWang U8 is the first model of BYD’s high-end brand, and it can perform a 360-degree ‘tank turn’, diagonal ‘crab walk’ and can even float or ‘ yacht’ on the water.

According to reports from social networks, it can also survive about 30 meters falling from an unfinished cliff.

Post on a social media platform X (officially known as Twitter) and Chinese car analyst, Tycho de Feijter, shows a U8, lying on its roof on a country road.

The luxury electric SUV is missing its left rear wheel, leaking fluids and has extensive panel damage, but is largely intact.

Amidst the initial rumors about the cause of the accident, the social network shows another image of a damaged flatbed truck with the driver looking at the side of the rail and insisting that the vehicle was not being driven but was transported due to an accident on a mountain road. it has come off the truck and fallen on the road below.

Another photo shows the U8 mounted on the back of the same truck and helps identify the problem.

The truck door shows a Tare weight of 1500kg and a Gross Weight of 4495kg, indicating a payload capacity of 2995kg. According to regulatory specifications, BYD YangWang U8 has a weight of 3460kg, 465 kg or 15 percent more than the maximum carrying capacity of the truck. Additionally, a large SUV could be seen traveling with its wheels further than the truck’s rear axle, which would present load balancing challenges.

Whatever it was, the great YangWang stood up well considering the event.

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