Lynk & Co and VinFast enter into a partnership with BCA Europe

Lynk & Co and VinFast enter into a partnership with BCA Europe

Car manufacturers Lynk & Co and VinFast have recently entered into a partnership with BCA Europe, a leading marketplace for used cars. What are the ins and outs of this partnership?

Partnership with VinFast

VinFast and BCA Europe have announced a new three-year business agreement in Europe. The new partnership will create a complete digital business solution to provide European customers with a seamless and efficient experience as they transition to electric mobility.

From June 2023, VinFast will integrate the BCA business module on its website to provide customers with an easy way to sell their business vehicles hassle-free and remotely.

Once customers set up their new VinFast vehicle on the company’s website, they will be able to access the e-commerce module at the end of the ordering process. After providing standard vehicle data, customers receive a fixed value for their business vehicle. They can then choose to sell their car instantly at the touch of a button, with the help of BCA to help with this necessary inventory.

If a customer decides to visit a VinFast flagship store, BCA will also make the BCA “MarketPrice” mobile app available to VinFast product specialists to help them find a specific price based on real-time details of the customer’s business vehicle. This mobile application, which is used in VinFast sales points, and the business solution on the VinFast website are integrated into a unified pricing system. This integration ensures stability and simplifies the migration from online to offline for European customers.

Thanks to BCA Europe’s digital tools and extensive experience in used car prices across Europe, VinFast will be able to provide exact prices as part of a complete online process, without the customer having to visit a physical dealer for a check.

Once a new VinFast vehicle is delivered to the customer, BCA takes care of all transportation and storage solutions for the vehicle sold locally and prepares it for sale on the BCA marketplace, Europe’s largest used car sales platform with buyers in 47 countries.

Jean Christophe Mercier, VinFast’s Deputy General Manager for Aftersales and Customer Experience in Europe, said: “Using a ‘customer centric’ philosophy, VinFast aims to provide its customers with convenient and comfortable solutions. In addition to its excellent after-sales service, VinFast is committed to providing effortless business solutions and competitive assessments through its partnership with BCA. Together we can make the transition to electric mobility a sustainable and reliable option for European customers.

Mr. Jean-Roch Piat, CEO of BCA Europe, said: “BCA is proud to support the launch of VinFast’s innovative EV products in Europe by providing industry-leading and seamless commercial solutions across Europe. We are committed to providing exceptional service that will pave the way for a successful long-term partnership with VinFast.

VinFast has established a retail and service network in major European cities and has developed a comprehensive service system to ensure that they are ready to serve customers quickly once their vehicle is on the road.

Partnership with Lynk & Co

Lynk & Co has announced a partnership with BCA Europe for the resale of its used cars. This partnership covers 7 European markets where the Swedish brand is currently present. This strategic partnership provides a centralized approach to the resale of vehicles that are part of the subscription program.

The partnership with BCA Europe ensures that the resale of the fleet is easy and hassle-free, which is perfectly in line with the Lynk & Co. brand values. Members who return their vehicles are provided with a remote inspection tool, and after collection, each vehicle undergoes a routine technical inspection, focusing on its cosmetic and mechanical condition, and repairs if necessary.

This partnership will extend the life of every Lynk & Co. extend the car. With increased visibility in the used car market and a potential positive impact on the resale value of the 01 car, this partnership has a positive impact on the total cost of ownership.

Most importantly, this appointment gives a wider audience the opportunity to discover the Lynk & Co 01 and the unique mobility offering that the brand is renowned for. Additionally, end users of the vehicles for sale are welcome in the Lynk & Co community so they can share their 01s with planners on the brand’s platform.

BCA Europe is active in 7 of Lynk & Co’s most important markets, which, together with excellent service in the rest of Europe, ensures a strong sales territory for the resale and disposal of Lynk & Co 01 products.

Alain Visser, CEO of Lynk & Co: “This collaboration with BCA Europe not only enables us to extend the life of our 01 car and thus contribute to a sustainable future, but also means that we can reach a large number of customers the opportunity to experience our products “.

Launched in 2021, Lynk & Co offers mobility solutions for the connected generation. An innovative membership-based approach gives members easy access to a vehicle on a flexible, month-to-month basis and to share with friends, family and the Lynk & Co. community.

Now, with the appointment of BCA Europe, new customers will have the opportunity to discover the brand and join the Lynk & Co community. The shared functionality of Lynk & Co 01 is one of the brand’s core values ​​and will continue to be available in all its pre-owned vehicles in the same way as for members with a monthly subscription.

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