Lynk & Co is outsourcing its marketing to BCA Europe

Lynk & Co is outsourcing its marketing to BCA Europe

The electric car brand has signed a major agreement with the BCA Europe group. This contract covers the wholesale sale of Lynk & Co copies from second-hand to specialist.

At the end of the contract, Lynk & Co vehicles will be inspected, repaired and resold by BCA Europe. (© Link & Co)

New brands on the European market are slowly organizing their value chain. A few weeks after Polestar signed up with Cars2Click, it’s Lynk & Co’s turn to sign up with BCA Europe. In a press release issued on May 16, 2023, the manufacturer announced that it had entrusted the resale of its used copies to a professional sales platform.

The partnership between BCA Europe and Lynk & Co covers the seven markets of the Old Continent invested by the Sino-Swedish manufacturer. The latter sees in this the possibility of maintaining the residual value of cars after the first cycle of holding.

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We remind you that Lynk & Co has chosen a registration formula for the sale of new cars. Consumers returning their vehicles will have a remote inspection tool. After recovery by BCA Europe services, each vehicle will undergo a standardized industrial inspection and cosmetic and mechanical repairs if necessary.

This partnership with BCA Europe not only allows us to increase the lifetime use of our 01 car, to help maintain a sustainable future, but also means we can offer even more customers the opportunity to use our products.t”, he commented Alain VisserCEO of Lynk & Co.