Magnussen with an open heart: from his time in the USA to his relationship with Italy and that great place in Brazil…

Magnussen with an open heart: from his time in the USA to his relationship with Italy and that great place in Brazil…

Kevin Magnussen talks about himself after returning to F1: “I learned a lot in America but what a satisfaction in San Paolo”

Kevin Magnussen during the Monaco GP: The Dane returns to F1 in 2022. Credits: Haas Media

On the weekend of the Haas team’s 150th race, Kevin Magnussenactive six seasons with the American team, stated ad F1 In general special relationship which tied twice with the United States and Italy.

Dane grew up with the story of father Jan, the main character for several years in the championship with stars and stripes. Kevin then also chose experience the world of American racingentering IMSA and IndyCar.

I can say I am he grew up with an American motorsport legend as my father ran for more than 25 years in the United States“, explained Dane.

I, on the other hand, have grown up in sports in Europe, from Microsystems to F1. Enjoy the world of American racing in 2021 it was still amazing, it brought back so many childhood memories of following my dad“.

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American experience, supported by participation in the LMP2 class at the 24H of Le Mans 2021, was also important inimprove Dane’s driving characteristics.

I certainly found it an encouraging challenge, given how close it was try something new in a game I’ve always been a part of. It was my first time sharing a car with other drivers and many of the tracks I ran on were new to me. me experiences that have made me a more complete rider”, confirms Magnussen.

Also much of Italy in the career of the Dane, who is now a major player again in Formula 1 with Haas after leaving the Premier class at the end of 2020.

There are several members of the Italian team as well Our car is built in Italyfrom Dallas”, explains Magnussen. “We have several Italian engineers and designers since then we also collaborate with Ferrari. Suppose ours is Italian team on many fronts“.

Magnussen: “Sorry in Brazil? Better than a podium with McLaren”

In the year of his return to F1, the Dane has he got an unexpected opportunity in the flood of qualifying for the Brazilian GP, ​​a result that Magnussen himself does not hesitate to define as the most important achievement of his career.

Definitely my greatest satisfaction in Formula 1″. he confirmed. “I was already on the podium with McLaren but nothing tastes like the first place, even if it is a Trait. It was a truly amazing result, I believe tonight no one expectedunlike the podium with McLaren which was the most expected result“.

Down, Magnussen wanted praise his new teammateNico Hulkenberg, who replaced Mick Schumacher.

Of course distinguishing Nico from Mick is the level of experience. Hulkenberg is a rider with several seasons under his belt, so He has a lot of driving confidence which helps him to be stable. Obviously have a lot of experience it allows him to be more relaxed during the racewhich can only increase its accuracy as well“.

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