Marko rubbishes Aston Martin engine rumours

Marko rubbishes Aston Martin engine rumours

Marko Rubbishes Aston Martin Engine Rumors

Rumors that Aston Martin’s road cars will soon be outfitted with Formula One-style engines have been debunked by the company’s chief technical officer, Dr. Ulrich Marko.

In a recent statement, Marko categorically dismissed reports that the British automaker is preparing to fit its cars with powertrains similar to those used in the pinnacle of motorsport.

“Contrary to recent reports in the media, we have no plans to introduce an F1-style engine in any of our road cars,” said Marko. “We’ve been looking into a variety of powertrain options for our models, but the technology used in Formula One is not something we are actively exploring.”

Marko’s comments come at a time when speculation has been rampant that Aston Martin is looking to make the leap from its current engine lineup, which is based on Mercedes-AMG’s twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8, to a more powerful and advanced powertrain.

The rumors were further fueled by the fact that Aston Martin recently signed up with Red Bull Racing, a Formula One team, to become its official engine supplier.

However, Marko’s statement clears up any confusion, and confirms that Aston Martin’s road cars will remain powered by the tried-and-true V8 engine for the foreseeable future.

“We are confident that our current engine lineup is capable of powering our cars to great performance levels,” said Marko. “We are always looking for ways to improve our engines and make them more efficient, and we will continue to do so.”