Marko thinks Verstappen could play a role in a potential Porsche deal

Marko thinks Verstappen could play a role in a potential Porsche deal

Max Verstappen is clearly the leader of Red Bull Racing. The Dutch international champion feels at home in the racetrack. That became clear earlier this year when Verstappen extended his contract until 2028. The massive contract ensures that Verstappen will be active at Red Bull for 12 years.

In addition to the star driver, Verstappen is also a signature of the team. He regularly stars in the team’s promotional videos and former engine supplier Honda also benefited from the Limburger’s popularity. Meanwhile, rumors about a deal between Porsche and Red Bull Racing are growing. The Germans would start supplying the engine from 2026, if one decides to enter the game.

a game of chess

Red Bull consultant Helmut Marko thinks Verstappen could play a big role in Porsche’s possible arrival. Marko is clear to “Max is definitely an important person in the game of chess. It is not surprising that the developers are looking at that. In that regard it is important that the team can say, look we have the best driver. under contract. There is always talk about to bring someone in. Having someone like that also has a stimulating effect on everyone in the team.”


Marko, however, does not want to go too fast. The Austrian does not want to speculate too much about the future and is also clear about this: “If now I make a good noise or something, you think that we have already concluded the agreement. Everything is still open. But it is logical that we are the most attractive partner. If you have No. 1 in the car in 2026, that’s great. However, we are still a long way from that point.”