Maruti 800 Turns into Rolls Royce Worth Multi Crores Kerala Men Desi Jugaad Viral On Social Media

Maruti 800 Turns into Rolls Royce Worth Multi Crores Kerala Men Desi Jugaad Viral On Social Media

Kerala: No one can compete with the people of India when it comes to Desi Jugaad. Every day many such videos spread on social networks, where there are innocent people who shake the whole world by gambling.

Be it converting a bike into a motorcycle or converting a cheap car into a luxury car… everything is easy for Indians. One such video is currently going viral on social media, where a person has converted a Maruti Suzuki 800 into a luxury Rolls Royce worth billions of rupees.

The cost is only 45 thousand shillings

In fact, a young man from Kerala was very fond of Rolls Royce cars, but he did not have the money to buy a car worth Rs. That’s why he thought of taking a gamble. For this he thought of exchanging the Maruti 800 car. After four to five months of tireless work, he converted the Maruti car into a Rs 5 crore Rolls Royce car. The most important thing is that this guy spent only 45 thousand rupees to do all this.

Miracles that have been done before

The video was first uploaded on a YouTube channel called ‘Tricks Tube’, where information about the boy was released. The young man told this station that he likes to do this, he has done many similar things in the past. He has also made a jeep from a bicycle engine. He collects parts of old cars, assembles them into one car and creates a new car of his own design.

People are surprised to see Desi jugad

Currently, this youngster from Kerala is going viral on social media. Also, people on the road where this car passes, without forgetting to look back at the car. At first glance no one understands that this car will be so cheap. Seeing this desi jugad, social media users are also giving various comments. Everyone who watches this video is amazed by this trick.

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