Maserati Grecale arrives later than planned

Maserati Grecale arrives later than planned

Maserati had planned to showcase the first Grecale to the public in September, but the Italians have set a date for the revelation. Now the Alfa-based crossover will only show itself on November 16th.

A future date also means that production vehicles will also appear later. The first copies will not hit the road until next year, when the manufacturer previously hinted that the first Grecale production models will be released before the turn of the year. Not only is Grecale delayed, the company has also delayed the launch of the MC20 market. A sports coupe should be there this summer. The first sports cars are now entering our country from Modena. Maserati Grecale

Under Levante

Where Maserati does the same with MC20 sports car location re-enters, there it is in the class of total novice crossovers. Grecale will be given a place under Levante within the Italian branding program. Compared to five seats, it is a much shorter segment. Also different is the technical side of Grecale compared to that of Levante. For the guest, Maserati returns to the Alfa Romeo Stelvio rear wheel drive platform. However, it has been improved and reported to be extended, with a much longer wheel. Wheel suspension adjustments will be provided by Maserati sauce. Maserati Grecale

New Maserati Factory

Grecale and Stelvio are also developing from the same factory. For the Trident brand, that means another production area, as it manufactures Ghibli and Quattroporte, MC20 and Levante in other locations. Since the technical bases of Grecale and Stelvio have similarities, it makes sense to do two on the same production line. Whether that means that Stelvio will later also have a Maserati-V6 remains a question.

Time remaining for Maserati Grecale, SUV for less than one ton

The fact is that the Nettuno V6 engine, manufactured in Modena, with a 3.0-liter transmission, will be installed on Grecale. The Italians launched the power unit in the MC20 and also used the engine in the Trofeo version of the crossover. The question is whether the three-liter inflated engine on the Grecale also reaches 630 hp. Perhaps, the manufacturer will reduce the power, as the Grecale Trofeo will be more powerful and powerful than the Levante Trofeo with its V8 engine. It is certain that the visitor will also come with powerful hybrid trains. It refers to the four electric cylinders that are already found in Ghibli, among others. A fully functional version will also appear. Maserati will also provide a power train in a slightly modified form in the MC20, such as the Gran Turismo which has not yet been announced. Maserati Grecale

Targeted price Maserati Grecale

Maserati expects the Stelvio brother, which will have a completely individual frame with MC20 components and boomerang rear lighting units, to be released early next year. Prices in the Netherlands will be around 100,000 euros. Aside from this target price of a hybrid version, there is nothing sensible to say about the price of other versions. On November 16, Maserati will release more details to Grecale. Yes, and then the brand also shows the car its name after the wind.

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Interestingly: Maserati Grecale comes later than planned

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