Maserati lands on Spanish Steps in Rome

Maserati lands on Spanish Steps in Rome

information/ APA /Thursday 05/12/22 11:31:35

The driver has dropped off his car where most tourists usually sit or walk up and down: on the Spanish Steps in central Rome. The Italian lost control of his Maserati at night and made it stand on baroque stairs. In doing so, he caused havoc on the 18th-century tourist attraction, the Roman daily La Repubblica reported on Thursday.


The man was reported. He will have to pay the cost of repairing the ladder, according to a newspaper report, which also showed a shot of a broken nosing mug of stairs.

Built between 1723 and 1726 by Roman architect Francesco De Sanctis, the Spanish Steps are called “Scalinata di Trinita dei Monti” in Italian. The German name comes from Piazza di Spagna below, which got its meaning mainly from the Spanish Embassy to the Holy See, which has its headquarters here.

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