Maserati Levante Gransport – test, reviews, price, technical data

Maserati Levante Gransport – test, reviews, price, technical data

Current market trends clearly show that today’s showroom customers prefer SUV models and bodies. Without going into the reasons for this state of affairs, manufacturers quickly changed to the taste of buyers, and the lists now include SUVs of all types, even the most common city ones.

When Porsche presented the Cayenne model in 2002, voices of concern were heard everywhere – the sports car manufacturer did not like it at all. Today, two decades after this historic PREMIERE, it can be said that SUVs with sometimes extreme performance have given a second life to many manufacturers of super sports cars.

Currently, Porsche has two such models (Cayenne and Macan), Lamborghini offers the Urus, and Aston Martin DBX. A little? Well, let’s look at the catalogs of Rolls-Royce (Cullinan) and Bentley (Bentayga). Maserati joined this group in 2016, introducing the Levante based on solutions from the Ghibli and Quattroporte models, whose engines are supplied by Ferrari. Isn’t it a good combination?

If you ask any car enthusiast, especially a high-performance combustion engine enthusiast, where the most beautiful cars are built, everyone will inevitably point to sunny Italy. Italians are famous for their good taste and excellent coffee, and some of their imperfections can be forgiven.

The body of more than five meters, despite the high lateral weight, does not give the impression of being heavy, and the proportions can be described as “nautical”. The high sides, low profile, and large wheels (20 inches) leave us in no doubt when we look at the Levante: it is a performance car that lives up to the brand name.

If we add frameless doors with graphite varnish and a matte finish to the whole thing, then we can be sure that the trident on the radiator grill is shipped with respect.

Since the Levante is a premium SUV, the interior has been designed to the taste of demanding customers. High-quality materials and, above all, the space resulting from the wheelbase of more than three meters make everyone feel very comfortable in the cabin.

The control center is located on the central panel, next to the automatic transmission lever. There you will find a button to switch road, sports or suspension adjustments.

In addition, there are many driver assistance systems, smartphone integration and a multimedia system on board (wireless and via USB), as well as many adjustable seats and good side support, useful when we feel a little crazy to track.

We have already seen that the Italians can build good cars, but it must be granted that they also had the ability to assemble good engines. One in Levante comes straight from the factory … Ferrari, but as part of the interior settings, it is only used in Maserati.

Under the hood with a trident installed V-six with a capacity of three liters, which produces 430 horsepower, among others with the help of two turbochargers. The driver has a torque of 580 Newton meters, all accompanied by wonderful sounds from the engine and the exhaust system used. In times when conventional motoring loses to silent electricity, such an orchestra on board is worth all the money.

Complimenting the drive system, we should also mention the eight-speed automatic transmission from the well-known ZF company, as well as permanent four-wheel drive and inter-axle Torsen. The torque distribution on the individual axles is set according to the demand of time and road conditions. In most cases, the Levante is driven only by the rear wheels.

Of course, the Maserati Levante has two origins. On the one hand, it is a very comfortable, comfortable and, above all, luxurious SUV, which will prove itself on short urban distances and on long trips. It will be comfortable, comfortable and beautiful, as well as elegant. After all, there are not many cars with a trident in Poland.

On the other hand, at any time the driver can take advantage of the true parameters of the publication of the Italian car. We reach 100 km / h in 5 seconds and the maximum speed exceeds 260 km / h. Despite our best intentions, we have not tested the ultimate value on German roads. The local routes and speeds allowed by Polish regulations were enough for us. It was very pleasant though.

The winter conditions, however, made it possible to test the four-wheel drive, and in this area the Levante gets the highest marks. When I saw the button to activate the off-road mode in the first contact, on the part of Maserati it seemed to me a big abuse. However, after some time, it turned out that the Levante could not be a long road (matte varnish will soon be more … matte), but its bravery cannot be denied.

When leaving asphalt roads, the computer will raise the body. When returning to the beaten track, and especially when driving at high speed, the ground clearance will be automatically reduced. Suspension adjustment is very important.

As with any premium SUV, the Maserati is not cheap either. To become the owner of the amazing Levante, you have to spend around PLN 400,000. This is an average price to enter the world of prestige and luxury, considering that, for example, Lamborghini Urus costs about a million zlotys.

For this money you get a lot of Italian design, enhanced by the aroma of aromatic coffee, and sounds like from Milan’s La Scala. An interesting combination. Tutto il megio per te!