Maserati MC 20 Cielo: the ultimate sports car as a convertible

Maserati MC 20 Cielo: the ultimate sports car as a convertible

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Of: Rudolph Boegel

The most beautiful summer convertible. If you want a Maserati MC20 Cielo, you have to shell out more than a quarter of a million euros. Lucky who has a lot of money.

A hint of light blue lingers in the sky in late summer, in the distance the ocean shimmers dark blue. Here’s what we love about Italy the most: Azzurro. All shades of blue. With “Azzurro” the music explodes deep in the belly: “Azzurro, il pomeriggio è troppo azzurro, e lungo per me”, sings Adriano Celentano. Above us the sky, directly behind us a wonderful engine: We go blue, of course in aquamarine Maserati MC20 Cielo.

master of movements. Driving the MC20 Cielo is heavenly, not only because of the open roof, which can be reduced by 12 seconds. © Lorenzo Marcinno/Maserati

Maserati MC20 Cielo: the ultimate sports car as a convertible – from the space bomber

Our “treno dei desideri” is 4.70 meters long and 1.22 meters high. The train of desire comes from Modena, has three symbols of Neptune and has a god of the sea under the bonnet. Nettuno is the name of the self-developed six-cylinder V-6 engine that redeems the long-standing shame of Maserati.

For years, felt for decades, a person is only a planner and a company’s competition when it comes to driving. Ferrari. Maranello supplies the engine, the rest comes from Modena. And then turn around. Fiat and the Stellantis group want to make the three-point brand great again. And the best sports car. Birth of the MC20. First as a Coupé and now as a Cielo. As a variable. This Venus is not from Milo but from Modena.

Maserati MC 20 Cielo: convertible top – from “open” to “closed” in 12 seconds

The difference between the two bodies is not that great. The Spyder’s flexible roof is three centimeters longer to hide it under the bodywork. Which gives extra power to the rear sight. And of course the additional technology also brings more weight: at least 65 kg. Speaking of numbers, the roof will drop in 12 seconds to 50 speed if the sky is unexpectedly dark. From “open” to “closed” in 12 seconds – that’s neat.

Maserati MC20 Cielo
Open for any driving pleasure. As the name suggests, the MC20 Cielo has only the sky on it. ©Maserati

A bit of the numbers game: for the same amount of time, the MC 20 runs four times from 0 to 100 km/h and even from 0 to 200 km/h in 9.2 seconds. These are the same values ​​as for the coupe. Logically, the engine with a two-chamber combustion system (real racing technology) is identical and waiting for action directly behind the driver’s cabin. However, as with the coupe, you can’t admire it through the glass window. Instead, two large scoops are placed on the ship. In the middle, the roof cover, confidently placed as a face and a large third in color.

Maserati MC 20 Cielo: a symphony from the directory of the combustion engine

If diamonds are “a girl’s best friend”, as the screen legend Marylin Monroe casually breathed into the microphone, then for real boys: “Sportscars are a boy’s best friend.” The MC20 is not just any sports car – the flat flounder is gone. The Emilia Romagna is probably the most elegant way to put 630 hp on the road right now.

And the Cabriolet is also a direct route. You can’t come close to the sound of this engine. You can feel the explosions in the six cylinders of the V-6 engine. You can hear the turbochargers hissing and whistling and what the two tailpipes are doing to the exhaust gas sounds like one of the last sounds from the list of combustion engines, small and large. It’s delivered, without any acoustic tricks.

Maserati MC 20 Cielo: Cabio is considered during construction

More weight, even if it turns only 65 kg, usually plays a role in sports cars. In MC20, however, only to the extent that the mass distribution no longer corresponds to the ideal of 50:50, but to 40:60, ie with less emphasis on the rear.

Maserati MC20 Cielo has a lip
Flowing body lines, no spoilers – the MC20 from Maserati is a big car, but there are no obtrusive aerodynamic features. © AFPH/Maserati

This did not surprise the technicians, because the converter was considered from the beginning when the sports car was created. Like them, by the way An electric-only variant of the MC20, the Folgore (Italian for electric) will follow in 2025. Anyone who wants to see a significant difference in the driving behavior of a convertible compared to a coupe is either a brat or must be an experienced driver or test pilot.

Maserati MC 20 Cielo: Convertible can also cover long distances

As a Munich driver, we also feel like we’re in heaven with the Cielo as the Italian roars gloriously around every corner. Preferably in the Sport position, one of five different modes that can be set. It doesn’t always have to be a toxic Corsa, that is, a more aggressive variant – and to be honest, the Comfort was not very clear to us.

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But of course, Cielo wants to be a GT and also comfortable on long journeys. Successful! After 200 km of tests on the curved Strade Statale or Strade Provincale, neither the back, rump nor intervertebral discs complain. What we don’t believe: That MC-20 owners regularly travel between Milan and Rome or Munich and Berlin for professional reasons and do so in such a sports car.

Maserati MC 20 Cielo: : Simple design in the cockpit – a real excuse

A little hello from the complaining corner: The brakes on the MC20 seem to be indifferent, and it’s a power tour that requires a lot of calf power. Details Maserati: It gets better when the ceramic discs are at operating temperature. That may be because the stopping distance from 100 to 0 less than 33 meters is a very common value.

Maserati MC20 Cielo interior
Tidy, reduced, simple. The interior of the MC20 Cielo does not distract the driver. Which is good, 630 hp want to be considered. © Aldo Ferrero/Maserati

But there’s one thing we literally can’t ignore: the graphic layout of the digital instrument cluster behind the steering wheel, formerly known as the speedometer, doesn’t meet the needs of a 260,000 euro car. The lack of intelligence cannot always be explained by a common desire for purity in design. Even with Cielo – hopefully no one will fall on their heads with this excuse.

Maserati MC 20 Cielo: Same sky, different horizons

“We all live under the same sky, but we don’t all have the same horizons.” What the state leader Konrad Adenauer said also applies to him. maserati MC20 Cielo. There would be enough fans and buyers under our sky if only the financial horizons were right. But the purchase price of 260,000 euros – which is considered by one or the other as a clear injustice. The words of the Bible can be enough as a consolation: it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to go to heaven! Unless that person is driving a Maserati Cielo. Then it could be that Peter is turning a blind eye. horizon or not. (Rudolf Boegel)

  • Maserati MC20 Cielo
  • Engine/Driver V6 petrol twin-turbo / rear wheel drive / 8-speed DCT gearbox
  • Power / torque 463 kW (630 hp) / 750 Nm
  • Vmax/ 0 -100km/h (0-200) 323km/h / 2.9s (9.2)
  • Length/width/height 4.70/1.97/1.22 m
  • Weight-to-weight ratio / power-to-weight 1540 kg / 2.44 kg per hp
  • The volume of the cargo compartment is 100 l
  • Consumption 12.4 l
  • Price from 260,000 euros