Max Neukirchner is committed to more security / products

Max Neukirchner is committed to more security / products

With the launch of the joint initiative “Drive Safely”, the Saxon Driving Instructors Association and the Advanced Cycling School are setting an example for safer road traffic.

Former World Superbike Championship and IDM driver Max Neukirchner is not just starting out as a racing instructor. Saxon is also committed to greater safety on the race track and now also to greater safety on the road. The goal of the new program is to make motorcyclists understand the importance of safe driving techniques and thus not only avoid accidents, but also promote social interaction on the road and protect the environment.

The initiative, supported by motorcyclist Max Neukirchner as an ambassador, seeks direct contact with motorcyclists through various channels such as social networks, communities, events, workshops and training. Max Neukirchner, known as the best rider of the German Superbike World Championship and winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, shares his extensive knowledge and experience to inspire and educate others.

The official start signal for “Ride a Motorcycle Safely” will be given on April 6, 2024 during the warm-up at the Sachsenring. Anyone interested is cordially invited to find out about the program and talk to those involved at the stand of the National Association of Saxon Riding Instructors and the Advanced Cycling School from 1 p.m.

In the first campaign, the program pays special attention to corner safety – one of the biggest challenges when riding a motorcycle. At the beginning, “Fahr Sicher Motorrad” offers a special training program for all beginners in class A, which is available to driving instructors immediately after passing the driver’s license test.

Max Neukirchner emphasizes: “Every step on the way to safer road traffic is important. It is an honor for me to be able to pass on my experience to combine the passion for riding a motorcycle with the necessary safety.” The Saxon State Association of Driving Instructors and the High School of Advanced Cycling are convinced that the program “Ride a Motorcycle Safely” will bring a new awareness of the importance of driving technique and driving safety.