Max Verstappen: Open questions before the Japanese Doctor / Formula 1

Max Verstappen: Open questions before the Japanese Doctor / Formula 1

It went well for world champion Max Verstappen: the Dutchman won his fifth pole position at Suzuka. The three-time champion is hoping to find a better balance of the car for the Grand Prix.

The starting position is correct: Max Verstappen is in the best position to start in Japan, as he was in 2022 and 2023, and in the last two years Max was able to turn his Suzuka pole into victory.

Max summarizes his qualities as follows: “My best leg was not flawless, but it was enough for the pole. My tires were worn at the end of the fast lap, so the last part of the descent and chicane was not good.”

How does the 56-time GP winner assess the situation ahead of the fourth race of the 2024 season? “Basically I was not satisfied with the skiing in the third practice session. Then we changed the set-up a bit before qualifying and I hope that gives us more speed in the Grand Prix.”

“To understand each other correctly – we are very fast in the endurance race. But I just thought that the good feelings from the second half of the 2023 season and also from several races in 2024 are still there. I hope we are heading in the right direction for the Grand Prix.”

The Japanese doctor at Suzuka will be held in the spring for the first time. Max Verstappen loves it: “The whole landscape with cherry blossom trees is amazing. And tire management is a little easier because of the lower temperatures.

“It makes sense to combine this first part of the season with Australia and Japan, but I’d put China in the week after Suzuka. And while we’re at it, I’d also include the Singapore race in the package.”

Qualification, Japan

01. Max Verstappen (NL), Red Bull Racing, 1:28,197 minutes
02. Sergio Pérez (MEX), Red Bull Racing, 1:28.263
03. Lando Norris (GB), McLaren, 1:28.489
04. Carlos Sainz (E), Ferrari, 1:28.682
05. Fernando Alonso (E), Aston Martin, 1:28.686
06. Oscar Piastri (AUS), McLaren, 1:28.760
07. Lewis Hamilton (GB), Mercedes, 1:28,766
08. Charles Leclerc (MC), Ferrari, 1:28,786
09. George Russell (GB), Mercedes, 1:29,008
10. Yuki Tsunoda (J), Racing Bulls, 1:29,413
11. Daniel Ricciardo (AUS), Racing Bull, 1:39.472
12. Nico Hülkenberg (D), Haas, 1:29.494
13. Valtteri Bottas (FIN), Sauber, 1:29.593
14. Alex Albon (T), Williams, 1:29,714
15. Esteban Ocon (F), Alpine, 1:29,816
16. Lance Stroll (CDN), Aston Martin, 1:30,024
17. Pierre Gasly (F), Alpine, 1:30,119
18. Kevin Magnussen (DK), Haas, 1:30.131
19. Logan Sargeant (USA), Williams, 1:30,139
20. Guanyu Zhou (RCH), Sauber, 1:30,143