May 27, 2023 almanac today: born, died and saint of the day

May 27, 2023 almanac today: born, died and saint of the day

It happened today

The Russians had captured those lands from the Swedes during the Great Northern War. And where the Stockholm fortress once stood, on May 27, 1703, Tsar Peter founded his new capital. The Russian imperial call sign, St. Petersburg was baptized. But it will change its name several times. At the outbreak of the Great War, Nicholas II called Petrograd, erasing the effect of the shame of the Germans. In 1924 the city was dedicated to the late father of the Bolshevik revolution and became Leningrad. Only in 1991 a referendum returned its original name. Today, it is no longer the capital, it is a modern city where, along with the remains of the glorious past, there is also the tallest skyscraper in Europe, Lachta-centr. When the Chrysler Building officially opened its doors on May 27, 1930, it was the tallest building in the world. It will continue like this for 11 months, until the State of the Empire is completed. But with its spire decoration and deco in metal, it always wins the race of beauty. © BENEFITS PRESERVED (by Luigi Gaetani)

Born of the day

Louis-Ferdinand Céline, May 27, 1894, French writer, essayist and physician.

Erminio MacariusMay 27, 1902, actor and comedian

John Cheever, May 27, 1912, American writer

Christopher Lee, May 27, 1922, British actor and singer

Don Milani, 27 May 1923, presbyter, writer, teacher and Catholic teacher

Henry Kissinger, born May 27, 1923, American diplomat and politician

Memo Remigi, 27 May 1938, singer, composer and radio presenter

Bruno Vespa, 27 May 1944, journalist, TV presenter and author

Giuseppe Tornatore, May 27, 1956, director, screenwriter and film producer

Paul Gascoigne, 27 May 1967, English former footballer

Jamie Oliver, 27 May 1975, British television presenter, author and entrepreneur

Dead of the day

Louis the MoorMay 27, 1508, noble

John CalvinMay 27, 1564, French humanist and theologian

Niccolò Paganini, May 27, 1840, violinist, violinist, guitarist and composer

Antonio Ligabue, 27 May 1965, painter and sculptor

Tony Jr., 27 May 2013, San Marino singer and actor

Carla Fracci, May 27, 2021, dancer

Saint of the day

St. Augustine of Canterbury, a monk and the first Archbishop of Canterbury. He was the author of the conversion of King Ethelbert of Kent and many subjects. Thanks to his evangelistic work, he was known as the ‘Apostle of England’. He died on 26 May 604 and his remains were buried in Canterbury, in the abbey of Sant’Agostino.