Mayor Leitinho announces the hiring of 10 new security guards for the municipality of Nova Odessa

Mayor Leitinho announces the hiring of 10 new security guards for the municipality of Nova Odessa

Mayor Cláudio José Schooder, known as Leitinho, announced this Tuesday (01/24/2023) the hiring of ten more agents for the GCM (Municipal Civil Guard) maintained by the City Hall of Nova Odessa, strengthening it by more than 20% of the current of the organization, which is 45 guards. The announcement was made with the deputy mayor Alessandro Miranda, Mineirinho, and the municipal security secretary, Colonel PM Carlos Fanti.

“The 10 new guards who passed the last public tender will be hired to join the Municipal Guard team of the Municipality, which is headed by Colonel Fanti, a person I trust and who has a lot of experience in the area. We are making Nova. Odessa a better city every day”said Mayor Leitinho about the issue on his social networks.

“By next February 2, the candidates approved and classified in the latest public tender and called for these open positions must submit the forms and questions of the social survey that were requested. Then, on February 27 and 28, we will start personal interviews with these candidates. here at the GCM headquarters, at Praça Angelo Paulon, nº 7, in Jardim Santa Rosa”explained the Security Secretary of the Municipality.

The new guards will then undergo mandatory professional training in March, with the forecast to be ready to work on the streets of Nova Odessa in June this year. Training includes a comprehensive curriculum required to perform the job. “These are very important jobs for the safety of the city”, concluded the deputy mayor Mineirinho.


Since 2021, the current municipal administration has been investing in restoring working conditions for municipal guards. “Enhancements” in the area of ​​Public Safety include the delivery of three new vehicles to the GCM and the receipt of a new large Mitsubishi L200 pickup for the Rural Patrol. Soon, the organization will also receive a car for the start of the Maria da Penha Patrol Program, to protect women under the threat of violence.

New heavy weapons were also purchased (including 16 9mm pistols, two .40 carbines, a 12-gauge shotgun and 25 ballistic vests), as well as enabling the construction of a new Municipal Police Station, on Avenida Carlos Botelho (and leasing a temporary police station building in Rua Rio Branco) and several collaborations with the Civil and Military Police.

The renovation is also in the final phase in the building that will be used as the temporary base of the Military Fire Department in Nova Odessa, Avenida São Gonçalo – another achievement of Mayor Cláudio Schooder and councilor Professor Antonio discussed with the organizational order. , State Secretariat of Public Security and State Government since mid-2021.