Mazda Cup MX-5: Laszlo van Houwelingen is the first producer to study

Mazda Cup MX-5: Laszlo van Houwelingen is the first producer to study

Mazda Cup MX-5: Laszlo van Houwelingen is the first producer to study

Every year a new group of young drivers sign up for the Mazda MX-5 Cup and the class can be seen as one of the Dutch motorsport breeding grounds. There is a good mix of old hands and guests in the game that allows young people to get a lot of experience. After much reflection last winter, first-time presenter Laszlo van Houwelingen decided that he would take his first steps in the automotive game in this class heading into a very good profession.

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It was certainly Laszlo van Houwelingen’s plan for 2020 to do a licensing course, but it was finally winter when he enrolled at Rensport Zandvoort School to get the paperwork he aspired to. “It went really well. Especially the float, which I really enjoy, but also driving on the road,” says a 15-year-old Havo student from Papendrecht about his first experience with race cars. “I’ve never ridden a kart. Yes, sometimes with a rental kart, but I’ve never competed.” During his training at RSZ, he discussed with his teachers what options to compete in the circuit. “They advised me about the Mazda MX-5 Cup and that’s how we ended up with Johan Kraan.”


Pride of parent fan and sponsor parents

It was Van Houwelingen’s father who set fire to Laszlo. “As I got older I started watching the race with my dad more and more and that’s how the idea came to contest for himself. He pays me my hobby and that’s fine. Crossing Borders Development, my dad’s company is the sole sponsor of the car.” Laszlo is well aware that he is in a position where most people his age dream of but have no budget. His father owns a real estate company that specializes in energy development and construction. “When I finish school, I also want to go that way, maybe in our company. It sounds like a lot of fun.” Her parents are also her most loyal fans and followers and accompany her, along with the dogs, for every race.


Learn, learn and learn

Just two months after getting his license, Laszlo made his first meter with the MX-5 and then spent several days behind the wheel of the Mazda. “I practiced for more than five days and made many meters, even in the rain. You really learn a lot from Johan Kraan. I often talk to Sam van Norel and learn a lot from the experience he already has with Mazda. And I work a lot with Dominique Kraan. ” Laszlo also looked at data analysis with engineers and learned to understand and take advantage of them. At home he spent important hours on the simulator. “I used to do a lot of FIFA, but now I’m just running on a computer.” Even her mother knows when she is running because there is a little noise on the steering wheel. .


Working towards the championship race

And then came the first race weekend at Circuit Zandvoort in April, where Laszlo could test himself for the first time with other participants: “It really went well,” he looks back that weekend. “Qualifying would be better, that’s different from running in a race and I have to do better. But I was completely satisfied with the first race, until the transfer suddenly stopped. That was a shame, because it went well. The second race was not good. But I learned a lot and that is also very important. “



Laszlo is realistic about his future in motor racing. “I don’t even think about Formula 1. For 2023 we will definitely stay in the Mazda MX-5 Cup, maybe even longer. The goal now is to work towards the youth championship and then run for the overall championship. GT3, but the most important thing is that I continue to get better and gain experience. “