Mazda CX-5 collides with a motorcycle in the middle of the intersection, the community discusses the good and the bad.

Mazda CX-5 collides with a motorcycle in the middle of the intersection, the community discusses the good and the bad.

The incident reportedly happened at the Duong Dinh Nghe – Pham Van Bach – Trung Kinh intersection (Hanoi) on September 26. The dashboard camera of a car traveling at the same time recorded the incident, and the video was then shared on social media, attracting attention. of society.

Accordingly, the motorcycle wearing the uniform of a tech taxi was carrying a person on its back, heading from Trung Kinh to Pham Van Bach. When it reached the intersection, the motorcycle collided with a red Mazda CX-5 that was passing by (Duong Dinh Nghe towards Cau Giay Park).

Images from the dashcam show that two people on a motorcycle were thrown from the side window of the car, before falling onto the road. The motorcycle was tied to the side of the car. The video from the dashboard does not show additional details about the scene after the accident.

After appearing on social media, the clip that recorded the collision above received the attention of the community. The discussion was mainly about analyzing who is right, who is wrong and the lessons learned.

“If you play the video slowly, you can see a motorcycle passing through the intersection while the light is still green. Therefore, it can be assumed that the Mazda ran a red light, causing a traffic accident. But it must be recognized that it is both. This car goes through the intersection very fast ,” account Nguyen Binh wrote on a Facebook group discussing traffic.

Cut from the clip when the two cars collided.

“A motorcycle passes through an intersection with a green light. Even if it’s only for a few seconds, the green light means it’s still allowed to go. It’s more likely that the CX-5 will run early when the light is on. It’s still red. For comments mine, it depends on the basic principles of traffic lights, whoever runs a red light is wrong,” nick Tien Dao shared his opinion.

A small stream of opinion believes that the Mazda CX-5 is not bad. “The CX-5 car also passed the light for a while, because the motorcycle was not visible because of the bus,” account Nguyen Minh wrote. In response, nick Le Hoang Viet said: “So the red car ran the red light, because the motorcycle left when the green light was still 4 seconds, which means the red light on the other side must be tens of seconds.”

In addition, members on social networks also recommend each other to increase the investigation and control the speed. “Of course, obey the traffic signals. But for the characteristics of our country, when passing through the intersection, you need to slow down and pay attention to avoid unexpected situations and traffic violators. ” , shared by Tien Dao account.

“According to my own experience, in the last seconds before changing the light, I slow down and stop. When the light is green for a few seconds and try to pass, I speed up, and even walk while looking at the light. “That is not a good way to handle the situation. Running a red light is already a traffic violation, so just go when the light turns green,” nick Huy Hoang commented.

According to Decree 123/2021/ND-CP, motorists guilty of running a red light will be fined 4,000,000-6,000,000 VND and have their driving licenses revoked for 1-3 months. If you do not obey the traffic lights and cause an accident, your driver’s license will be revoked for 2-4 months.

Drivers of motorcycles and scooters (including electric motorcycles) who run red lights will be fined 800,000-1,000,000 VND and have their driving license revoked for 1-3 months.