Mazda CX-60 PHEV – new SUV entry – Test, first ride

Mazda CX-60 PHEV – new SUV entry – Test, first ride

Already during the first demonstration of a static model, which took place in early March, the new Mazda SUV really impressed me, and now, when I had the opportunity to sit behind the wheel and know its capabilities on interesting roads. of the Portuguese coast, my positive feelings were further confirmed. It is a first, but it seems to be a mature car and should satisfy the taste of a large group of demanding customers. What determines this?

Indeed, the structure that promotes Kodo’s philosophy, that is, the spirit of the movement. Thanks to that, the car looks very powerful and elegant, and the long engine hood, modified cab, short rear overhang and slightly sloping roofline create the illusion as if the car is about to fly. Of course, CX-60 has similarities with other models of the brand and in this case it is another advantage of this model. The sense of lightness and power in the presented version is enhanced by 20-inch black wheels and a large roof spoiler. The gloss black grille, mirrors and front fender markings add respectability to the silhouette. It is worth noting that the CX-60 SUV was created on the new Skyactiv Multi-Solution Scalable Design platform, designed for large SUVs and limos, and has a length of 4,745 mm, a width of 1,890 mm, a length of 1,680 and. 2,870 mm wheelbase.

Taking up space in the interior is facilitated by opening the doors at an angle of almost 90 degrees, front and rear. The cabin width is exemplary and five passengers on board can travel comfortably. There is also a large luggage compartment with a capacity of 570 to 1726 liters, depending on the position of the seats.

The passenger space itself has an elegant character, skillfully combining a minimal, transparent style inspired by Japanese craftsmanship (high-quality selection of materials, the way they are combined, attention to detail) and modernity represented by digital clocks, media variety. system screen (both 12.3-inch horizontal), a large head-up display and a central console with buttons and a rotary knob for operating the selected on-board systems. Interestingly, the main screen allows only touch control when using the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto interfaces, which can be connected wirelessly or via the USB-C port. Other settings require the use of the knob mentioned above or special buttons.

An interesting solution is Mazda’s Driver Personalization system. It uses a camera located near the central screen of the dashboard, which examines the driver and on this basis sets the optimal position for the seat, steering wheel, mirrors and head-up displays. In addition, it remembers your preferred weather or multimedia settings. In total, it can do this for six users, making it easy for them to instantly identify and match their car. Friendly gadget, recommendations that can be adjusted fortunately – I personally prefer, for example, the vertical position of the rear seat than that recommended by the system, but others had no opinion. The profile of the armchair and the good visibility in all directions should also be praised.

Mazda CX-60 PHEV – a strong competitor

The CX-60 is available for sale in an advanced PHEV version with a plug-in hybrid system. This is the first solution of this kind in Mazda, which fits perfectly in the market trend not only in the European market. It includes a four-cylinder Skyactiv-G gasoline engine with a capacity of 2.5 liters and 191 hp, an electric motor with 175 hp (129 kW; Mazda initially reported 100 kW, but eventually increased) and a battery with a capacity of 17.8 kWh and voltage of 355 V installed on the floor. The total power of the system is a torque of 327 HP and 500 Nm. It is enough to accelerate the car to “hundred” in 5.8 seconds and reach a speed of up to 200 km / h. The power of the hybrid system goes to both axles through a new automatic 8-speed gearbox with a multi-plate clutch and an electric motor connected to the generator function. The electric system of i-Active AWD is responsible for the distribution of torque between the axles and changing it to the road conditions. The driver can also choose from five driving modes: Normal Sport, Off-Road, Towing and EV. In the last one – electric, you can travel at a speed of up to 140 km / h, while the declared zero range of up to 63 km is possible if you do not exceed 100 km / h. Batteries can be charged while driving, using the petrol engine and recharging, or by plugging into a home socket or wall box. In the last case, filling the full energy with a power of 7.2 kW will take 2 hours 20 minutes.

In practice, the Mazda CX-60 PHEV drivetrain shows very good performance, although I must admit that after 327 HP I expected more “pressure” on the seat. However, this does not change the fact that this two-ton SUV can show itself from a very strong side, implementing the philosophy of Jinba Ittai, namely the unity of the rider and the horse. The response to movements with the accelerator pedal is fast, especially in Sport mode, the gear changes are smooth, but with one caveat – at low speeds, occasionally after pressing the gas pedal more, there were occasions when you shook the gear a little lower. . On the other hand, I rate the steering system and the electric power steering very well, which work with minimal resistance that looks pleasant and gives good feedback, giving a feeling of full control over the car. All of this combined with the relatively stiff, but not overly rigid characteristics of the optional double wishbone front suspension and multi-link rear linkage make the Mazda CX-60 a lot of fun to drive. The car works in a straight line and is stable in a fast corner, which, as Mazda insists, is due to the Kinematic Stability Control system. Behind this difficult name there is a unique solution that detects driving in a curve and, if necessary, slightly brakes the inner rear wheel, reducing the tendency of the body to bend and press the chassis against the ground. It really works.

In normal driving conditions, the CX-60 turns out to be a comfortable, well-silenced SUV that feels good in the city and beyond. Average fuel consumption is also promising, as it was 3.1 l / 100 km and 23.8 kWh on a test route with a length of about 80 km. Of course, we will confirm this in due course in our testing loop.

Mazda CX-60 – in our opinion

Everything indicates that a dangerous player has appeared in the payment section. Refined, comfortable, well-equipped and known for its original style. The car is already available for pre-sale at a price from PLN 229,900, and customers in Poland have already ordered more than 350. Physically, it will appear in showrooms in September, and next year, the plug-in hybrid will be joined by other engine versions – diesel 3.3 and gasoline 3.0. I have no doubt that it will be successful in the market.

Mazda CX-60 – specifications

Engine 2.5 e-SKYACTIV PHEV + electric
High system power [KM (kW)/obr./min] 327 (241) / 6000
Maximum torque (Nm/rpm) 500/4000
Contagion 8 EAT
Drive 4×4
Capacity (cm3) 2488
Gravity battery capacity 17.8 kWh
Fuel and energy consumption – WLTP values 1.5 l / 100 km + 17.1 kWh
Acceleration 0-100 km / h (s) 5.8
Speed ​​(km/h) 200
Length Width Height (mm) 4745/1890/1680
Trunk capacity (l) 477/570/1726
Price from (PLN) PLN 229,900